Costume :Levi
Source :Shingeki no Kyojin
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :None

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Have you ever had a friend telling you that they know a series they are certain that you’d love if you ever took the time to watch/read it? I have. Shingeki no Kyojin is one of them. I’ve no favourite character from the series, because I like all of them in their own way. So I just decided to go by length on this one… Which made me decide to go for Levi, as I like him slightly more than what I like Armin.

This will be probably one of the cosplays I will be paying a lot of attention to. Not because SnK is popular, but because me and my friends have quite the plans for these cosplays of ours.
We will be making skits with them. Just wait and see, even newbies can pull that off – at least we hope so. I mean; how hard can it be?

From our cosplaygroup it will be me (of course), Mikasa, Christa and the 60 meter Titan. We will also be joined by Eren who will hopefully take part in the skits we make. And of course, Armin, Ymir, Hanji, Annie, Petra and Marco will be joining us as well. And we are still looking for more people to join us, as we have been thinking that it would be awesome to have as many characters as possible from the series.


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To-Do List

Pattern for the jacketHighComplete
JacketHighIn Progress
3d manuever gearHighIn Progress
Style the wigMediumIn Progress
ShirtMediumIn Progress
Remove elastics and add small strap-thingys to the shoesMediumPlanned

Shopping List

Fabric for the jacket£0.00Bought
Material for the 3d manuever gear£0.00To Buy
Fabric for the cape£0.00To Buy
Contact lenses£0.00To Buy
Material to make the badges£0.00To Buy


Once upon a time... (Posted 9th May 2014)

I was planning on starting for real with this cosplay a whole lot sooner, but things in life got in the way. But now I’m feeling the flow.
The cravat was the first thing to be finished (though it was finished at least one month ago), for once I made one with a proper pattern (and I've learned what it's called! after two years of not knowing it, lol), with some edits to make it more Levi (aka damn short… His cravat is unreasonable short for being a cravat). I found a nice polycotton fabric during the last visit I made to the fabric store, so it’s slightly dull-looking as I wanted it to be, yet at the same time a very nice fabric to say the least. Perfect for Levi, if you ask me.

Next up is the shirt, because I really, really, really want to sew a shirt right now.

(and because of a too old computer along with a too great and new camera, I'm not able to show pictures atm, I'm sorry about that...)