Costume :Azusa Mukami
Variant :School uniform
Source :Diabolik Lovers - More Blood
Progress :Planned
Worn At :None

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Blame my friens for telling me about an anime where someone called a girl "Bitch-chan". My reaction to that was "what the hell?" and I had to see it for myself... But it wasn't the anime that caught my eye. It was a certain someone on the wikia for the games themselves, Azusa. This was before "More blood" even had been released in Japan, but he still ended up as one of my six favourite characters. That's something, I didn't know the first thing about him back then and I still hardly know him. But it doesn't matter for me, I will do this costume no matter what.

Though, finding a suitable wig for it will be the hardest part.... What a pain; but it will be worth it. Because I'll have a Yui and maybe Kanato or Yuma with me someday.


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Fabric for the shirt£0.00To Buy
Fabric for the black shirt£0.00To Buy
Fabric for the coat£0.00To Buy
Shoes£0.00To Buy
Ribbon£0.00To Buy
Fake blood£0.00To Buy
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