Costume :NiGHTS
Source :NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :None

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Costume Information

Quite possibly, my all-time favourite video game character ^_^

I'm planning this for London MCM Comic Con May 2015.


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To-Do List


Measuring/Scaling/Swatch-ing (Posted 5th May 2014)

Due to University commitments, progress on NiGHTS has been very slow. However, I've recently bought a couple of swatches for the legs. One seems to be just the right colour, so I may in my spare time attempt a little embroidery with it. Just beginning to measure myself up and scaling aspects of the character to me. Fortunately, NiGHTS is 5'3, So I won't need to boost my height at all ^_^.

Planning Times ^_^ (Posted 20th January 2014)

Over the past couple of days, I've managed to find a good bit of time to plan certain aspects of the costume, which in turn has helped to highlight initial issues and technicalities that have arisen. Thankfully, I've managed to think of a few ways in which to overcome them...whether they work in practice is another matter ^_^. But for now, the planning/measuring/researching, overall, is going well. I've also managed to order a few swatches regards the sleeves and legs, so hopefully they shall arrive soon :)

The Planning Stage (Posted 21st December 2013)

At the moment, this costume is very much in the research/planning stage. I would like to be ready for MCM 2015, but as 2014 is going to be fairly busy year for me, we'll have to see how it goes.

NiGHTS is, quite possibly, my all-time favourite character; I hope I can pull off what I'm planning to do with this. I'll give it my best shot, anyway ^_^