Costume :Torian
Variant :Robes
Source :Trials by Blood Series
Progress :Planned
Worn At :None

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Torian from the Trials by blood novel series by shannon neprily.

This is Torian a Drakatra. (basically a demon eater with a bottomless appitite for demons) He's a sulky little brat with a bite as bad as his bark. He has a very caring side to him dispite his roundabout way of showing it some times.
Drakatra's are kind of a monster under the bed for demons and are kind of a myth to all but a handful.
Drakatras have a very beautiful doll like appearance and are very aluring to demons in more then a few ways. Once they have the demon near enough that little mouth opens to reveal rows of razor sharp teeth and it lunges, eating its prey alive and stuffing as much into their mouths as possible until the soul is absorbed.

I really like Torain and he sounds like he'd be great fun to cosplay, i'm hoping to wear this for a con pretty soon. I'm hoping i'll have a Sevron with me :D :D


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