Costume :Kojuro Katakura
Variant :Game version
Source :Sengoku BASARA
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :AyaCon 2013

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Costume Information

Cost : A lot OTL
Time Taken : Since April/May 2013

Originally made this for Ayacon Apocalypse 2013, but also wore it for May Expo 2013 and will probably wear this a lot in future too since Kojuro is one of my favourite characters of all time! He's also my most elaborate, and expensive cosplay to date!

The version it is based on is from Sengoku Basara 3, but also draws elements from the anime, the stage play and the drama.

My swords were lovingly made by my wonderful Date : Sky-Hat. you can visit her pages on tumblr, Facebook or dA.

He's partially finished; there are parts of this cosplay that need fixing and remaking. All of the armour (gauntlets, leg guards, chest armour, gloves) especially needs remaking, as it's all falling to bits and there's hot glue strands everywhere >< Would like to try worbla next time but it depends on the costing. The coat also needs taking in as the sleeves are too big (and repairing since I lost a stud from one of the mon :c), and the sandals also need remaking.

I would also like to make some edits to the wig; mainly working more fibres into the front to achieve more of a natural hairline.


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