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Okay, it's an awesome series with a hell of a lot of awesome characters that I love. Expect a lot of me going on about this project from me, especially when the anime comes out, since I'm caught up with the manga series.


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change of plan (Posted 16th December 2013)

This should be debuting at midlands since i'll be making him over Christmas. I'm mostly attempting to amuse myself over Christmas and New Years, tbh. I have the under shirt properly started and materials ready for the over shirt. I keep looking at the under shirt and screaming though because it doesn't feel right, yet?? Like it looks kinda dumb, but once it's ready and ironed it should look fine, yeah? Plus it doesn't help that I've had to add panels and I can't add sleeves to it until after Christmas, sadly, since I've ran out of material since the sleeves went VERY wrong, size wise. BUT I got all I need for the little straps (except the buckles, sadly, but they should come easy.
Other then that, not too much has been done. Scarf is all done, as stated last time, and the outer shirt is ready to be made (it's lucky all of his clothing is pretty damn baggy on him). The wig is here and fits fine (needs a bit of styling on my face) but can't take pictures until after Christmas, sadly.
Also, I have a bit of worry for the scarf? It's the right shape, but on my neck it makes me look ridiculous? So I might have to constantly shorten the bastard or something. We'll see.

.:Scarf:. (Posted 1st December 2013)

Gotta be the easiest part of this outfit. Trust me.
I pretty much found scrap material around the house and used it to make the general scarf shape and I sewed on some velcro to make it wearable(I do still need to hem the back of it, though, but my sewing machine is temperamental to the black thread).
I WAS gonna use material to make the arrow shapes, but they took at least 4 tries to get to the right shape and angles, and even after all that, they didn't look right. So I got rid of them and just painted them.
Though, the paint was annoying enough. I had to use white paint on the black and then go over it in yellow once it was dry and thick enough.

Wig Decided (Posted 4th November 2013)

My gran wants to buy me wigs for Christmas, so I've aimed at Konoha's wig since I have all my others, haha.
This one is the ONLY proper Konoha wig on ebay. So I've gone for it since it looks nice enough and i bought my Aoba wig from the same seller.