Dark and Light Samurai

Costume :Blake Belladonna
Variant :Normal outfit
Source :RWBY
Progress :Planned
Worn At :None

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Costume Information

Before the series started, my best friend and myself discussed about cosplaying one of the characters, my options being between Yang or Blake, but in the end Blake seemed the more suitable choice (though I love Yang's shotgun gauntlets). She was thinking of Weiss, but she has decided to not cosplay, at least for a while. Another friend is hoping to be Yang though.
Anyway, with this cosplay I really need to get into exercising and lose some weight, particularly around the tummy and arms.
I generally want to give myself a big push back into making now that I've finished University and wish to gain experience in prop making.

To-Do List

Get FabricHighIn Progress
Edit ShoesHighIn Progress
Get MaterialsHighPlanned
Make coattail vestHighPlanned
Make shortsHighPlanned
Make topHighPlanned
Make Katana and SheathHighPlanned
Sort out ribbonsMediumPlanned
Trim wigMediumPlanned
Buy, dye and print tightsMediumPlanned
Make BowMediumPlanned
Make detached sleeveMediumPlanned
Make neck scarfMediumPlanned
Make arm silver bandMediumPlanned
Get and edit a bookLowPlanned