Costume :Levi Rivaille
Variant :Anime
Source :Attack on Titan
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :London MCM Expo Comic Con May 2014

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I have started to make a tutorial for my Attack on Titan cosplay. I am uploading it onto my DeviantArt account. First part here:
You'll have to copy and paste the link I'm afraid to get it to work.


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So you've the same problem as me with the boots? Maybe all of us that are short have that same problem, who knows... And as far as I've seen while looking at pictures of Levi (since I too am going to cosplay as him quite soon I've been looking around quite a lot), he seems to have a little of the same "problem" with his boots at some pictures. And if I should put a vauge opinion regarding the matter with the boots for both you and me (and everyone else with the same problem); I think that people won't care or not notice if they're slightly too tall or short as long as the boots looks similar enough. I believe that people take note to it in case they are too different and looks nothing at all as their boots does.

by Caius on Sunday, 24 November, 2013 - 19:21
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My boots are quite tall for me too, but like you said with the belts all in place and such it should blend in alright!

by HyperNightmare on Wednesday, 26 February, 2014 - 11:42
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your 3DMG looks amazing!! Don't worry about the boot size!! :D

by EvilShadowMaster on Friday, 28 March, 2014 - 14:02

Shopping List

Grey Leather - 1 Metre£9.99Bought
Binder - Ebay£6.87Bought
White Jeggings£18.00Bought
Jacket Fabric - 3 Metres£30.00Bought
Jacket Buttons - Ten, five for me and five for a friend£2.50Bought
Faux Leather - 2 Metres£16.55Bought
Wig 2£16.50Bought
Got2be Texture Clay and Glued Spray£6.36Bought


Bottom Half (Posted 18th April 2014)

Ok I'm so nearly finished with the bottom half of my harness. Iv pretty much got it all sewn together with the buckles on too. Now all I have to sort out is how I'm going to attach it to the belt in a way that I can still pull everything down to go to the loo lol.

Handle and Blades so Far (Posted 9th April 2014)

Just a picture of everything that Iv got so far for my handles and blades. Still got some more stuff to do on them before they are completely finished but slowly getting there.

Filing (Posted 6th April 2014)

Today I filed over the pieces for my handles to make sure that they all fit together perfectly and to remove any splintered edges.I did this by using a Die Sander and by clamping all the pieces together to do the separate sections all at once.

More pieces of the Handle (Posted 2nd April 2014)

Today I got some more pieces for my handles cut out. Its starting to come together and actually look like a proper handle now. Still have some more to cut out before I can start fitting it all together.

Testing out my straps (Posted 2nd April 2014)

To see how one leg would roughly look I decided to pin the straps together for one side in order to get an idea of how they would all fit together. Im definitely going to have to get my mum to help me with assembling this. Its quit loose when I put it on myself so I need another pair of hands to make sure its as tight as possible.

Sorry for the bad photo quality, I should have worn my white trousers for this to make it easier to see.

Pinning and Sewing (Posted 31st March 2014)

Today I pinned and stitched all my straps. I folded the leather over at the back and then stitched down both sides equally. I backed over each end before I stitched all the way down to make sure that the stitching was extra secure.

Harness Cutting (Posted 30th March 2014)

To mark out my straps onto my leather I got a belt that was the width that I wanted the straps to be and marked it twice, side by side, so that it was wide enough for me to fold over when I pin and sew it.

Starting on the Harness (Posted 29th March 2014)

Today I thought I'd make a start on my harness. To help with the measurements for the separate straps I put on my white jeggings and, with some black tape, I marked out where the straps will go on the bottom half of my body. I then got my mum to measure each strap for me.

Re-Think (Posted 17th March 2014)

Today I looked at the wooden pieces I cut out yesterday and decided to tweak the shape of them. All the areas I have shaded in will be the parts that I cut off. Also drew on the shape of the blade base to see how it will fit inside the handle.

And I realize that it looks like a penis lol.

Starting on the handles (Posted 16th March 2014)

I have finally got back into my prop making. Today I started to cut out the middle pieces of wood for my handles. I also cut the bicycle brakes that I'm using within my handles and cut out where they will slot into the wood.

Then to finish off for the day I filed both pieces together so that they matched with the shape as best as possible.

New Wig (Posted 16th January 2014)

Unfortunately I had to buy a new wig because I was really struggling to cut and style my old one because it was just way too thick. No matter how much I thinned it it just wasn't happening. So instead of buying from a Chinese company (Lucaille), this time I bought from an English one (Coscraft) which was great because it only took two days to turn up.

Its a good wig but at £16.50 I'd expect it to be lol. Looks like its going to be a lot easier to style as well and the parting is better on this one too, it has a skin top parting. So long story short I should have bought from them first >_<

More box cutting (Posted 14th December 2013)

Started to cut out the slits in my box that my blades will slot into. Took a while to get the measurements right but I got there in the end. With the second one ill just trace round it lol.

I also ended up cutting off one of the end flaps from each piece as they made it so the whole thing didn't fit well together.

Cut out my Boxes (Posted 30th November 2013)

Finally got round to cutting out my boxes. It turned out I didn't need the extra cm after all so I cut those off. They look pretty small now that I'v cut them out but oh well its not like I can easily add anymore onto them so they will just have to stay like it.

I wont be gluing them just yet because I still have the pieces to put inside that will hold my blades. Then once Iv made those Ill start to glue it all together.

Paranoia (Posted 26th November 2013)

Ok at this point I was getting paranoid that something would go wrong so I decided to add a lovely cm to the bottom edges just in case I ended up losing some of the length. Also I decided to go flaps as you can see in the picture lol. I can always cut them off it they don't work.

The picture gives you an idea of how I laid both blade holders out onto my cardboard box.

Ok I WILL cut them now >_<

Final lines and measurements drawn (Posted 25th November 2013)

Ok this picture shows my final lines for cutting and folding. Each blade holder will be made from two sides each of my large cardboard box. Making use of the massive fold down the middle and creating folds of my own (fold here). I have also added on an extra flap to to the end so that when I secure it all together I can fold the flap inside for extra strength.

The whole thing will fold into one box. I was thinking of adding on the front and back flaps as well but I'm not sure yet. Ill decide that once I come to cut them out. If I did they would be added on to each end of one of the 13.5cm sections.

All that's left now is to cut them out.

Drawing out my measurements (Posted 24th November 2013)

Right, Iv started to draw out the lines for my Blade holder. The picture shows the measurements that I'm using to make the whole thing. I'm going to cut it so that I can make use of the creases that are already on the cardboard. Hence why I haven't started drawing it right at the end of the card.

The bottle is only on there so that I could get a rough idea of how tall it will be from the side as I'm using the plastic bottle ends for my cylinders.

Fyi Im 5'3. Approx 159cm tall.

Sketches (Posted 24th November 2013)

I got bored so decided to do some sketches of the 3D Maneuver Gear. Working out what size I wanted to make it and some of the materials I might want to use.

I missed this out in the drawing but in total it will probably be around 31cm in length which would be including the gas cylinder on top

Boots (Posted 19th November 2013)

Got my boots today, just one problem, they are REALLY tall on me. Personally I think I look stupid but hopefully when I have the rest of the outfit sorted they will blend in. If not ill have to think of a way to shorten them somehow.

On the plus side they make awesome pirate boots when the top is folded down lol.

Wig (Posted 16th November 2013)

Got my wig ages ago but cant actually remember when it came. Just me wearing it before Iv styled it.

AOT Pajama's (Posted 18th October 2013)

Got my Pj's for part of my Levi cosplay. I wont be wearing these during the day they are more for night time shoots. Im staying for the whole 3 days in May so during the day Ill be wearing the uniform and for bedtime these :D