Costume :Daenerys Targaryen
Variant :Khaleesi of the Dothraki Season 1
Source :A Song of Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones)
Progress :Complete
Worn At :Birmingham MCM Expo 2013

Costume Photos

Blood Ref

Khaleesi Partying Hard

Back Ref

Skirt Ref

Top Ref

Main Ref


Costume Information

Cost : 24.30
Awards : Biggest Tit
Time Taken : 1 week

I decided to make this Khaleesi outfit for a late Halloween Party. It's going to be incredibly amateur for a number of reasons; time constraints, general money-stinginess and a bloody awful sewing ability (my Textiles teacher would have a cardiac arrest)
So, come will meee, annnd you'll beee, in a world of pure second-hand embarrassment. xo


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I love how this turned out, you look great!

by pelagia on Thursday, 30 January, 2014 - 21:25

To-Do List

Make leather skirtHighComplete
Cut, braid and attach horse hair (or leather)HighComplete
Buy/ find leather bootsMediumComplete
Make leather hand guardsLowComplete
Darken, sand and generally dirty-up whole outfitLowComplete
Find/ buy hair extentionsLowComplete
Make horse-heart LowComplete
Find/ make/ buy silver broaches LowIn Progress

Shopping List

Hessian Material 2m£6.40Bought
Faux Leather Material£9.30Bought
Brown Boot Polish£1.70Bought
Braided Belt£1.00Bought
Boots£0.00To Buy


Of The Blood Of Old Valyria (Posted 3rd November 2013)

Originally I intended to make the Khaleesi outfit Dany first wears when she stops the khalasar but as it as Halloween, I couldn't miss out on a bit 'o blood, so in a couple of photos I'm a costume hybrid. Anyway I didn't have time to buy proper acrylic paint that I should have so I used a syrup and food colouring mix which okay but it was so sticky. Alas, if I go to a proper con, I'll get the right stuff :)

These Are All Going To Be Stupid Puns And/Or Poor References (Posted 2nd November 2013)

The top is finished! I had to paint the Hessian material to get a darker brown which looks much better than the original colour but I reaaaally wouldn't recommend that because it makes it stiff obviously and the little nub bits hanging off are so scratchy. The moral of that story: research the best materials first! But alas, the deed is done. I also attached a brown belt I bought from Primark for a squid because I could not find horse hair anywhere :/ It's not the right colour so I might paint it but it'll do for now.

Off-White Ain't Such A Fright (Posted 30th October 2013)

I took some scrap white fabric I already had and sewed the pieces together, then dyed the whole sash in tea for about 20 seconds to get an off-white colour, to look more like dirty leather. I also cut a strip of the brown faux leather and then cut it into the little oval(ish)-shaped belt, then stitched both pieces onto the skirt.

It's All Coming Up Targaryen. (Posted 30th October 2013)

Aw yeah, I figured it out! (it took longer than it would have a logical human being) I just sewed the two pieces together and then along the top to thread through the remaining cord I had, and now I can tie it at the back.

It Is Known (That I Have Made Progress) (Posted 29th October 2013)

Woo my faux leather arrived! Luckily I only need half of 1m so it's all good if I mess it up. I cut two strips to make the riding glove things and then tied them with some old leather cord I found. I've also roughed-up the edges of the material but arghhh I still don't know how to fix the skirt and make it stay up; I'm sure there's a simple solution as everyone else has managed it but it evades me :/

Not So Tip-Top Top (Posted 26th October 2013)

As ever, off to a bad start. The Hessian material is the right weaved texture but the colour is way too light so I'm gonna have to get some brown shoe polish on this bitch. Initially, I cut the top too short so then had to add an extra bottom piece, which isn't technically correct but I suppose doesn't matter that much as it's a 'rugged' look. Very easy to sew, just a straight line down the back, then attached to an existing crop-top underneath to hold it in place. Safety pin creating the scrunched effect until I sew it.
Jesus Christ, I think this ninny's in for a long trek in the world of cosplay.