Costume :Muk
Variant :Gijinka
Source :Pokemon
Progress :Planned
Worn At :None

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Art by: http://imgur.com/a/DDxvd/layout/blog
These designs are so gorgeous and I love how Muk's design is so beautiful!
To go with KiaraYumi's Grimer hopefully sometime next year :D


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The design is awesome, Goodluck with this~!

by Merlin on Wednesday, 23 October, 2013 - 14:23
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Can't wait! We shall be the prettiest poisonous slime sludges, ohyes.

by KiraraYumi on Wednesday, 23 October, 2013 - 17:00
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@Merlin- Thank you! Love the designs by this artist :)
@kiaraYumi- Oh yes, it will be fabulous~

by WhiteWraith on Saturday, 26 October, 2013 - 13:11
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I was like 'wat?' when I saw 'Muk' written but then I saw the design and ooooohhh PRETTYYY

by Getti on Tuesday, 5 November, 2013 - 23:16
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Just like to confuse people! Really pleased that the design is so nice :)

by WhiteWraith on Thursday, 7 November, 2013 - 20:56
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I thought this was one of the most amazing designs from lets face it an unattractive Pokemon like Muk XD Cannot wait to see :3

by Pandora-Chi on Saturday, 28 December, 2013 - 21:56
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It really is! Took one of the ugliest pokemon and made it beautiful!
Thank you~

by WhiteWraith on Sunday, 5 January, 2014 - 14:41

Thats one amazing design c: Can't wait to see it made C: I bet you'll look amazing

by Chimmy on Monday, 13 January, 2014 - 22:11
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Isn't it just? :)
Aw thank you, I will try my best!

by WhiteWraith on Tuesday, 14 January, 2014 - 20:16