Costume :Tali'Zorah
Source :Mass Effect 2, 3
Progress :Planned
Worn At :None

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So, first Mass Effect Costume.... I choooooose......TALI!!
I love Tali ^-^
I thought she was easier than shepard for the first cos... I was wrong.

my first version will be without the purple visor but with beautiful mask n Tali face :3


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To-Do List

Spray undersuit...HighIn Progress
make pockets n sh*tHighPlanned
make beltsHighPlanned
make leg armorHighPlanned
Make shoesHighPlanned

Shopping List

shoes£15.00To Buy
purple fabric£15.00To Buy
worbla £50.00To Buy
fake leather/latex£0.00To Buy
clips£10.00To Buy


A little difference (Posted 18th October 2013)

just to show that tesa masking tape is the best

Right: Tesa Masking tape ....all strong and sticky haha
left: noName masking tape.... falling apart...

also to tell you: those are parts of my legs...for the leg armor... so I can guess how i am gonna do the boots.... well...

first step (Posted 17th October 2013)

undersuit...i hate u after deciding using this old one.... i didnt like for it but well... for free then... we sprayed the parts grey/silver.... i wanted it darker, but as I wore the suit...and my mum sprayed...she couldnt handle the fact that one layer is enough xD
Well next step: spray the hexagons on ._. in black.... on the other spray later... i got a terrible feeling with this