Costume :Chibi-Usa/Rini
Variant :Christmas/Artbook
Source :Sailor Moon S/Super S
Progress :Planned
Worn At :None

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Cost : 82.10

Christmas-themed costume that can double-up as another character, Part 1.

I'm going to slowly cosplay my way through most of the main Sailor Scouts (not necessarily their Senshi Fuku) because, Sailor Moon is one of my old childhood favourites and I finally feel like I have the skills and the confidence to make the costumes well. I've done a couple of pretty rubbish Neptune cosplays in the past, but now I'm going to try to mostly make my dream cosplays for the next few years with only the odd spur-of-the-moment addition. This is the start of that.

I'm also doing this as part of madmazda86's SewNovember: http://www.cosplayisland.co.uk/forum?c=showthread&ThreadID=11049 why not join up & take on a new sewing project between November 1st & 31st? ;)

EDIT: Utterly failed at SewNovember 2013, so will attempt this again in 2014.

MOAR EDIT: Realistically I won't get the wig done until 2015, but will wear it as Tomoyo/Madison in 2014.


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Day 3 - Boots & Fluff (Posted 5th November 2013)

So, I basically have had no time to start working on stuff so far this week due to being a bit unwell for part of last week and just generally being pretty solidly booked until the last week of November. I've figured out that I'll actually have about a week, tops, to spend working on this during SewNovember, but that's fine, a bit annoying, but OK. The last of the pom-poms arrived today and THEY ARE SO FLUFFY! *SQUEE!* I was planning on attaching the maribou boas & pom-poms directly to the boots, but I decided to try them out for a few days and they are the most comfortable boots I have owned in a really long time, plus I actually like them on a lot despite them being pink (weird)... so, I am going to figure out something with elastic and safety pins. lol. So, I need to figure out where I stashed my elastic first. I'm hopefully going to have a few hours tomorrow free to cut out the at least the lining/underdress patterns if not the whole thing. Though if I can get it all cout out at once that would be a bonus. :)

Day 2 - Wig Base (Posted 2nd November 2013)

So the wig stuff all arrived at once... or rather, the Tomoyo wig & the "bun eggs" arrived today and I just dealt with the base wigs for this (I opened the parcel a couple of days ago, but hadn't had time to have a good poke about) at the same time. Not really a sewing day, but the fabric all got ironed, very kindly by my Mum as I was pretty ill most of the day and though I planned to do it on Sunday instead, she swooped in and did it before I could get in there.

Day 1 - Fabric Prep (Posted 1st November 2013)

So I sorted out and cut the amount of white fabric I need for the lining and underskirt (which I ordered for a previous project, which was actually cheaper to buy a 20m roll than just the 8m I needed... bulk = better) & pre-washed both it and the gorgeous pink velvet I ordered last week (and it arrived super quickly). Not much I can do on the costume(s) until this is washed and ironed.