Costume :Yowane Haku
Source :Vocaloid / Voyakiloid
Progress :Complete
Worn At :Midlands MCM Expo Feb 2010

Costume Photos

At Expo

At Expo



Headset thing


Reference Picture.


Costume Information

Cost : £57.
Time Taken : Lots of time spent Ebay browsing.

Yowane Haku:
She gets her start from a thread in 2chan where a user commented "I bought Hatsune Miku for her cute looks but no matter how hard I try, I can't get anything better than mechanical sounding songs out of her."

An artist took this and ran with it to create Yowane Haku, an alter ego of all unskilled users of Hatsune Miku. Haku is a sad Vocaloid who just can't sing as well as Miku. She is always crying because of her frustration and vents her frustration by drinking. Her image colors are silver and purple. Her character item is a sake bottle.


Basically, i'm a very sad drunk who can't sing in tune. Simple.


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Oooh, Haku's cool.
I can't wait to see this! <3

by PandaaPaws on Monday, 6 April, 2009 - 12:45
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^-^ Hehe. I don't know when I'm doing it though. Probably the next Midlands due to lack of money to travel far. :(

by Lurida on Monday, 6 April, 2009 - 23:26
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if you want any problems solved the vocaloid thread on is very helpful... :)

by Limegreenjelly on Tuesday, 7 April, 2009 - 21:15
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Ahh, thanks for the info in ur description xP
I've seen a Haku cosplay b4 on a vid but I didn't know who the char was xD
I can't wait to see this, at the expo i hope~! :D

by Enchanting_ELK on Monday, 8 February, 2010 - 19:46
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Cant wait to see this at mids! :D

by Bambi. on Thursday, 11 February, 2010 - 19:56
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Dawww, pretty!


by KhaosKreator on Thursday, 18 February, 2010 - 22:34
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I think I saw yooooou today, and almost cried over how amazingly perfect this was :D
Hope you had an awesome day!

by Bambi. on Saturday, 20 February, 2010 - 22:46
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Awww you are so sweet. Thanks for coming to talk with me at Midland Expo, I realy enjoyed meeting you, and the lovely hug. ^_^
I hope your bf realises how lucky he is to have such a precious girl in his life as you.
Sorry I thought you were staff to begin with ^_^ I thought you were actually hooked up with your radio mic thing. :P
Hope I see you again.

by Ranma1-2 on Monday, 22 February, 2010 - 02:28
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You did an amazing job of Haku Cathy 8D It was nice seeing you again x3

by Solaria on Tuesday, 23 February, 2010 - 13:40
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You look super cute, glad the wig turned up in time!


by KhaosKreator on Wednesday, 24 February, 2010 - 00:06
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by PandaaPaws on Wednesday, 24 February, 2010 - 23:39

To-Do List

Find WigHighComplete
Get Money, and then Purchase Wig.HighComplete
Convert Broken 360 headsetHighComplete
Buy Trousers And ShritMediumComplete
Make the shirt smaller... Well, you know.. Take it in. I don't know textiles jargon.MediumIn Progress
Get Purple Tie, Black cloth and Purple Ribbon.MediumPlanned


Finally (Posted 18th February 2010)

I have finished. I'll get the rest of the pictures up after Expo maybe. I took some mid-progress too, but seeing as I didn't have too much time,what with work and stuff, I put more time into making the actual thing rather than stopping to take pictures some times.

My second belt strap hasn't come, nor has my wig.
With the silver hair, i'll just be looking for some silver hairspray [A lovely tip from my lovely Tab <3] and for the dangly belt thing, well, if it doesn't come tomorrow, i'll do without it.

Considering it was technically my first solo-made costume, and I have no sewing experience with a machine or otherwise, i didn't think I did that bad.. I just need a sewing machine ruler or something..

Uhoh (Posted 16th February 2010)

I'm praying that my wig actually comes on time. The fact that it's been over 10 days and it's still not here, and there's only a couple more days left untill Expo. x_X

Do not like sewing (Posted 14th February 2010)

AHHHAHAH TT__TT Someone get me a sewing machine! Oh! I got one for christmas... SOMEONE TEACH ME HOW TO USE IT! I'm hand sewing my top, can you believe it? ME! I have no sewing experience, I ditched Textiles at school ( because my teacher was creepy but that story's for another day. )

But actually, it's not doing that bad, but it's a little darker coloured than what I wanted... But, ohwell.

Still got loads of stuff still to come. Got the belts to do, trousers to complete, wig to recieve.. Usual stuff. Sleeves to make still, oh gawd.

Day 1 (Posted 5th February 2010)

It's a pretty bad time to START actually, since there's only a week or so untill the actual con... OHWELL! I did Tira in a week, so Haku should be fiinnneee.

So far, i've had a busy day. Went to town. Bought a Tie. Found my old broken Xbox 360 headset and i've decided to change that into Haku's. Bought the wig I wanted. Currently as i'm writing this, i'm converting a pair of old trousers into hers, not much i can do though.. I forgot to pick up the purple ribbon from town :(