Costume :Terezi Pyrope
Variant :Male!Terezi
Source :Homestuck
Progress :Complete
Worn At :None

Costume Photos


Almost Complete


Current Terezi Look

Terezi Horns!


Painted my bag

Shoes have been painted!

Terezi Makeup

Hoodie + Wig + Glasses + Teeth + Bandanna

Regular Terezi Dragon Caped Talksprite

Regular Terezi Talksprite


Costume Information

Cost : £380 / £411 or $608 / $685

Complete but there is more I can still do to add to it!
I'll have full-body costume photos to show as of Loscon in 2 weeks!

I got the idea to do this when I realized I could smell colors through my Synaesthesia -- so I thought this would be the perfect chance for me to pick a troll to Cosplay! Originally I wanted to do Karkat or Sollux, but this works for me.

The design is very similar to regular Terezi from the comic, but I'm adding a Hero of Mind Hoodie for casual wear, a pair of shorts for hotter days, and I'm getting a shorter style of wig.

I'll be able to pull off the following looks:

-Casual Terezi (essentials)
-Dragon Cape Terezi (essentials + Dragon Cape + scalemate/coin/accessories)
-Hot Weather Terezi (shorts + bandanna)
-Warm Weather Terezi (hoodie + pants)
-Drunk Terezi (scalemate boxers + dragon cape + faygo bottle/scalemate)

Future iterations:

-Prospit Terezi
-Redglare/FLARP Terezi
-God Tier Terezi

Piece List:
-Fake Teeth
-Or Alt. Belt

Plus my props and makeup.


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Nice, I love how you've done the teeth.

by Tsuchinoko on Saturday, 15 March, 2014 - 10:58

To-Do List

Finish Armsocks.HighComplete
Attach Horns to Headband.HighComplete
Makeup trial run.HighComplete
Make Teeth.HighComplete
Paint Shirts.HighComplete
Paint Bandana.MediumComplete
Paint Shoes.MediumComplete
Paint Bag.MediumComplete
Make Dragon Cape.MediumIn Progress
Paint Cane. (Skipping for Loscon)MediumPlanned
Make Blindfold with extra from Cape. (Skipping for Loscon)LowPlanned
Make Chalk. (Skipping for Loscon)LowPlanned
Make Beetle Pouch. (Skipping for Loscon)LowPlanned
Paint Boxers.LowPlanned

Shopping List

Fake Nails£5.00Bought
All Acrylic Paints + Brushes + File + Tote + Crazy Glue + Headband + Pattern + Fabric Pens£46.00Bought
Red Fleece + Button for Dragon Cape£20.00Bought
Black Pants£0.00Bought
Black Shirts + Gray Tights + Makeup Bag£37.00Bought
Red Bandana (To Paint)£3.00Bought
Shoes (To Paint)£0.00Bought
Other makeup (Black/Gray/White Eyeshadow, Eyeliner, Mascara, Black or Gray Lipstick, Yellow Nail Polish, Sponges, Brushes)£35.00Bought
Scalemate (Full set is 200 USD)£14.00Bought
Lipsticks + Suspenders£23.00Bought
Wig + Caps + Base£32.00Bought
Troll Makeup (Kryolan Aquacolor 089 Gray)£14.00Bought
White Mesh Contacts (Will appear entirely red under glasses)£25.00Bought
Official Hero of Mind Zipper Hoodie£32.00Bought
Folding Cane (To Paint)£8.00Bought
Baby powder for sealing gray.£0.00Bought
Bottle of Faygo (Skipping for Loscon)£5.00To Buy
Gelatin + Corn Syrup + Powdered Sugar + Food Coloring (Skipping for Loscon)£16.00To Buy
Shorts£10.00To Buy


Nails are on! (Posted 19th November 2013)

Alright, I've decided not to paint my armsocks -- they're just dark enough that I don't feel the need to paint them. I will need to stitch this one loose part by the base of the hand I need to stitch -- and then they're done!

Armsocks are here!!! (Posted 19th November 2013)

My armsocks just came in the mail, now I just need to paint them with my makeup on (to match) and glue the nails on. Then I need to finish my cape...I'm so close!

Horns and Nails (Posted 14th November 2013)

Horns are installed on my headband! They can be screwed in through the bottom of the band so they can poke up through the wig without revealing the band.

I also have my nails all carves and painted yellow. When my armsocks get here I'll glue 'em on.

All that's left is to fix my sewing machine so I can finish my Dragon Cape.

Lot has happened, still lots to do. (Posted 9th November 2013)

With Loscon on the 27th looming on the horizon -- I need to pick up the pace! I finally hit Target and bought my shirts. I just got them and my Bandanna painted -- also, my lipsticks, scalemate, and suspenders came in the mail!

Still need to fix my sewing machine, so I can get going on my Dragon Cape. After that all I need to do is attach my horns to my headband, wait for my armsocks to arrive, then paint my armsocks and attach the fingernails and paint them.

Shoes are done! (Posted 27th October 2013)

Photo is up, MOST of the paint is dry, and pretty soon I'll start painting the libra symbol on my bandanna!

Sewing Machine Replacement Parts (Posted 26th October 2013)

Rather than play Musical Sewing Machines, I've decided to finally just pick one and make it work. I'm ordering a new foot pedal and operator kit for the machine I've got now -- especially now that I've given it a serious once over. I don't have any bobbins, I'm on the last needle, I have no thread pin (for filling a bobbin with), and I was able to get them all from one shop.

Once they get here, I'll finish my cape and such.

Painted my bag (Posted 23rd October 2013)

Gonna wait on painting anything else. So far so good!

Because I needed more clothes. (Posted 19th October 2013)

I'm getting some costume fingerless gloves, suspenders, and another hoodie I can paint the Libra symbol on.

MY WIG IS SO PERFECT (Posted 18th October 2013)

Finally got it in the mail and OMG.

I love it.

Bandanna is here (Posted 18th October 2013)

Just waiting on my gogdamn wig, my contacts, a shitload of makeup, my joanns shopping, coin, headband, etc etc. But the wig is, yet again, supposed to come today.

Cane Problems (Posted 18th October 2013)

I bought and received a cane I was going to paint just like Terezi's -- but even after getting a folding cane so that I can hide it away in my bag when I'm not in a picture -- the laws in the state of California state that no one that is not legally blind is allowed to even HAVE one in any form of public place for any reason.

Solution? Don't paint the cane white.

I'm going to stay close to the letter on every other detail, but to cover my ass legally even at conventions -- I'm going to paint everywhere I was going to paint white, light to dark gray. I haven't decided quite which one -- but the law protects "predominantly white canes" and I have no intention of doing anything with it but pulling it out, snapping it into place, having my picture taken, and putting it back.

Wish me luck!


I hadn't posted any progress pics because my computer's camera suddenly went TuMuT when all of the sudden I went to lay down and I heard the 'something has been connected' noise! So I took a pic of everything I've got so far but my pants and unpainted shoes -- when my wig comes in later today, I'll take another!

Teeth are complete! (Posted 18th October 2013)

Super late as I finished them a bit ago, but I didn't wanna make another 17th update. Still no wig, but it should be here by today at the latest -- or so says the tracking info. Still plenty I'm waiting on, a lot of it's gonna come by next week though.

Final buying stretch (Posted 18th October 2013)

I've ordered the makeup from Target so that all I need to buy is a set of clothes and bag from Target in-person, along with my faygo bottle and Albertson's food.

Cane, Hoodie and Glasses! (Posted 17th October 2013)


No but seriously, everything looks like cherry koolaid. The hoodie is the perfect size, and the cane should be easy to paint -- now I'm just waiting on everything else! According to USPS and UPS, my Wig and Wonderflex should also arrive today.

Cape progress (Posted 17th October 2013)

Well, I've cut out all of the needed pieces except one (which I won't be able to make until I've sewn most of the hood together) out -- can't do any sewing yet as my sewing machine is still in my grandmother's car. Everything looks really good -- I only worry that I made the hood too big.

Ugh, shirts (Posted 16th October 2013)

So -- the shipping times on sites like Topato and RedBubble or whatever are just awful -- and Topato hasn't even finished restocking their Libra shirts so I'm just gonna paint some myself. I'm already getting the needed paints and brushes from Joanns so I'll just grab shirts from Target when I go.

In other news, my cape material is here.

Two thirds of the way through! (Posted 12th October 2013)

I've narrowed my shopping list down to just a few stores:
-Albertson's (which I won't hit until closer to the date),
-Topato (which is still reprinting the shirt I need),
-CVS (which a friend is hitting for me later today),
-and Target (for the remainder of my clothing and makeup).

Just $200 left to go, and a shit load of work people! The next month's worth of shipping arrivals are gonna be like fuckin' christmas all up in here!

Half-way through?! (Posted 12th October 2013)

My shopping, that is. Just bought my pattern, some fabric pens, my nail file, and a few other things off Ebay and such (like my coin, cane and troll makeup), and I am officially over halfway done with my shopping list!

Wasted Terezi (Posted 12th October 2013)


Since I'm already making my dragon cape, to cosplay her wasted-laying-on-the-floor self all I need is a pair of scalemate boxers (white + fabric markers!) and an empty faygo bottle -- consider it done!

More Updates (Posted 12th October 2013)

Finally got my Bandanna -- it was all of like 5 bucks, I don't know why I waited so long.

I've finally condensed my list down to 2 IRL stores, an online Joanns shopping (most of it on sale until tomorrow, but it's an hour's drive one-way), 2 things off Ebay, 1 thing off CosplaySupplies, 2 things off Topato, and the 2 pieces of makeup I can't get at Target.

Latest purchases (Posted 11th October 2013)

Just bought my wig/cap/base from Arda, my hoodie from What Pumpkin, and my contacts from FourEyez.

Still plenty to buy -- I hit Target later tonight, and I'll probably hit Joanns some time next week.

Updates: (Posted 11th October 2013)

I've found a better place I can get contacts from, seems legit (FourEyez). I'll be getting White Mesh contacts from them.

The Hansel in Black is on backorder from Arda Wigs, so I'm waiting on that.

The Libra shirts are still reprinting on Topato.

Everything else I'm getting slowly but surely -- mostly from Joanns and Target.

Tights?! (Posted 11th October 2013)

Well, I was looking up stuff when I realized I was intending to paint my arms and legs (when wearing shorts) for Terezi -- and that this would be both time consuming and inconvenient. So instead, I'm making skin-tight armsocks!

I'm gonna buy already-gray tights that are as tight as I can stand from Target, and cut the crotch out so I can pull them over my head like an undershirt (sealing with crazyglue or nail polish), go over them with a lighter gray paint, and attach some fake nails I'm gonna paint -- instant gray troll arms! Not to mention legs, if I get a pair in my size for those pantsless days...

Bandana (Posted 9th October 2013)

I've decided to add a large red bandana to my shopping list -- I like some of what I'm seeing in these AU outfits people are making for Terezi.

I'll stencil on a teal Libra symbol once I get it -- should be a nice finishing touch to my casual outfit.

Glasses are on the way (Posted 9th October 2013)

Just got the e-mail, they should be here if not by the end of the week -- for sure by Monday at the latest! When I get them, I'll put up a shot of what I've got together so far.

TEETH (Posted 9th October 2013)

Found an amazing tutorial on how to make fitted fake nail teeth. They're fantastic looking (where the store-bought teeth look too small and don't fit right), about the same price as a Dental Distortions set, and I can make as many sets as I need -- as you have to buy a lot of Wonderflex all at once.

Should be fun...


SHOES (Posted 9th October 2013)

I found some EXTREMELY old shoes that are too small for me, that I am going to do a serious cleaning and stretching of -- if I paint them red, I shall have the shoes I am looking for -- chopping $70 off of my cosplay price tag.

Etsy (Posted 9th October 2013)

Buying all three things I want off Etsy -- a pair of horns, glasses, and her white scalemate (which I'm asking them to add a squeaker to the stomach of).

So far so good, waiting for Terezi's shirt to come off REPRINTING on Topato.

It has begun. (Posted 8th October 2013)

Just started the page up -- LOTS to do. I spoke with my therapist about it, and we've agreed I need to take one cosplay seriously, so that I have something I can bring to these conventions I go to every year and show people. Something to help me take a little pride in what I do -- espeecially since I'm drowning in past failed ones that just got to be too much for me.

I've ordered my red fabric and buttons -- they should be here in a few days. Debating whether I should backorder the Hansel wig from Arda now and just not know when it'll get here (though I know it'd be here within a month -- plenty of time for the main convention I wanna debut this in at the end of November).

I haven't decided whether I want to keep the pants I've got now as my design. I might grab a pair of shorts for the hotter cons like Comicon, Wonder Con and Anime Expo. Either way I like the options I have for tops as the shirt, my cape, and a hoodie.

Props are gonna be interesting. I hope to make them all small and portable enough that I can just bring a small tote and fit them all. Really excited to try my homemade chalk...maybe I'll use orange or vanilla extract!