Costume :Cheshire Cat
Variant :Human variation
Source :Alice in Wonderland
Progress :Complete
Worn At :None

Costume Photos

Ears Back

Ears Front

Costume So Far


Costume Information

Cost : Not tooooo much
Time Taken : Few months

All done, pics will be up soon. Couldn't make October EXPO in the end but worse it for a birthday.
Kid of glad it's finished, damn pinkness.


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I really hope to see you at mcm, my Alice (from the game: American McGee's Alice) is coming out to play, so even though it's a different version of Alice it will be cool to have a pic and interact. Plus your cheshire is looking rather good indeed and i will want to spot you. Do you know which day your Cheshire will be roaming?

by FlyingMammal on Tuesday, 6 October, 2009 - 13:25
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8D 8D 8D

This was really well done I loved it 8D

by Emzone on Friday, 13 November, 2009 - 20:12

To-Do List

Buy MaterialHighComplete
Ears- make and paintHighComplete
Plan what I'm wearing on my lower half besides leg warmersHighIn Progress
Make TailHighIn Progress
Make topHighIn Progress
Buy/make whatever I decide to wear on my lower half besides leg warmersHighPlanned
Work out how to attach tailMediumComplete
Figure out how to attach ears to head (attached to a hairband)MediumComplete
Turn leg warmers into glovesMediumIn Progress
Foot wearMediumPlanned
Make collarLowComplete
Get cat's eyes contacts LowComplete
Make up and nails (grow nails LONG)LowIn Progress


In progress (Posted 17th June 2009)

I've been working on the ears today. Repainted the pink ready to seal it with the iron before adding the purple.
I also painted the buttons on my leg warmers and this may have been a mistake as I think the wood soaked up the paint, they're not drying properly and I'm fed up of sitting with the hairdryer.
I was talking to Cloud about the ears and I think I'm going to go for the hair clip approach. Sewing them on so they stay in my hair because I'd rather have a couple of clips instead of a hairband.

Tomorrow I'm gonna get the purple finished off and try to attach them. hopefully the buttons will be done too