Costume :Akane/June
Source :999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors
Progress :Complete
Worn At :None

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Cost : 0
Time Taken : 20 Hours so far

Not sure why I like Akane so much. She's kinda useless (well from the four endings I've had so far) but I just like her character design I think. I'm also looking for a simple cosplay from 999 and neither of the other female characters appealed to me. There cool but I dunno I just liked Akane the best. Not sure when this will be for but just something casual.


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Ahhh would love to see this - Akane was a character who really grew on me :)

by InfiniteJester on Tuesday, 24 September, 2013 - 11:12
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Woo! Akane ^_^
Very much look forward to this.
Always good to see more Zero Escape cosplays :)

by OptimisticRebel on Tuesday, 12 August, 2014 - 11:33

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Make SleevesMediumIn Progress
Make Dress.MediumIn Progress

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2 X Black Long Sleeve Tee's £6.00Bought
Brown Boots £10.00Bought
2m of Lilac Cotton Fabric £8.00Bought
10 cm Turquoise Blue Jersey£0.50Bought