Prof. Fears

Costume :Bandit Keith
Variant :Abridged Series
Source :Yu-Gi-Oh!
Progress :Complete
Worn At :MCM London Comic Con October 2015

Costume Photos

Chillin' with Kaiba

Bandit Keith

Full Costume


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Costume Information

Cost : £96.50
Time Taken : 8 months

Sunglasses, wig , trousers, t-shirt, boots, Duelist Kingdom glove and crucifix pendant can all be bought from shops or eBay. Jacket, bandanna and wristbands were made myself. I have several patriotic flags, plus a USA flag bg to carry stuff in. Was worn at Wales Comic Con on 26/04/2015, and was re-worn on the Saturday of ALcon 2015. Will be worn on the Saturday of MCM London October 2015 ^_^


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thats awesome, good work

by Knightsly on Sunday, 31 May, 2015 - 02:04

To-Do List

Make JacketMediumComplete
Make WristbandsMediumComplete
Make BandannaLowComplete
Buy ClothesLowComplete

Shopping List

Gold Crucifix Pendant£2.65Bought
PVC Tube£3.56Bought
USA Bag£4.98Bought
Duelist Kingdom Glove£8.55Bought
Material for Bandanna£5.69Bought
Gold Buttons£4.60Bought
Dark Blue Denim Material£7.00Bought
Red T-Shirt£2.95Bought
Silver Paint£0.00Bought
Beige Trousers£5.20Bought
Patriotic Flags£5.89Bought
Invisible Gun£0.00Bought
Blonde Wig£10.25Bought
Brown Knee- High Boots£28.00Bought
Round Embelishments£1.99Bought


Total Finish (Posted 23rd April 2015)

The wristbands are done, meaning my entire costume is finished! Yaaaaaaaayyyyy!! Now to wear it at Wales Comic Con, 26/04/15 ^_^

Success! (Posted 24th March 2015)

After 8 months, I've finally finished my jacket; the first big project I've ever made using a sewing machine!

Further Failure (Posted 28th March 2014)

After many failed attempts at making the crucifix pendant out of foam board (curse my wobbly hands!), I've finally relented and just bought one off eBay.

Failure (Posted 3rd February 2014)

After several attempts of trying to make the crucifix pendant out of baking clay, I've decided to opt for foam board.