Costume :Elizabeth
Variant :First Outfit
Source :Bioshock Infinite
Progress :Planned
Worn At :None

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Ho-ho, she's still a popular one to do but I don't care!
Adored the game and loved this outfit.

Trying to get this done for Halloween with my mate as Booker as I want the chocker anyway, it'd be great practice for Kita and it'd be fun to chuck drinks at him and say 'Booker, catch!'

It won't be entirely accurate as I was planning on editing a shirt from Primark, use boots I already have, my own hair but make the skirt!


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Blue Fabric/Thread for Collar, necktie, skirt. £0.00To Buy
Chocker (etsy)£0.00To Buy
Base Shirt£0.00To Buy
Yellow Fabric.£0.00To Buy
Interfacing£0.00To Buy
Buttons£0.00To Buy
Thimble£0.00To Buy