Costume :Weiss Schnee
Source :RWBY
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :London MCM Expo Comic Con May 2014

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For MCM May 2014. With mskitty as Blake, x-Blade-x as Yang, and typicaldarcy as Ruby. (also with various members of Team JNPR but no idea who/when)


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You're going to be perfect, like seriously ;w; (and it won't be hard to convince me to get Yang done for then, I don't think ;D)

by x-Blade-x on Sunday, 15 September, 2013 - 20:44
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/runs across Cosplayisland and strokes everyone's faces
You're going to be a perfect Weiss <3

by The-oncoming-storm on Tuesday, 17 September, 2013 - 20:24
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Wooooooooooooooooooooooo this is looking great so far bro!! 8D I love the way you've built up the hilt, really good work~!

by x-Blade-x on Monday, 4 November, 2013 - 17:19
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Looking awesome!!! I wish to possess your skills!

by mskitty on Monday, 4 November, 2013 - 20:07

To-Do List

MyrtenasterLowIn Progress
Hair accessoryLowPlanned

Shopping List

Petticoat ribbon£7.99Bought
Petticoat fabric£16.38Bought
Boots£24.90To Buy
Dress fabric£23.80To Buy


Make-up test (Posted 8th April 2014)

Wrong wig, but I was trying out colour more than anything.

I am super kawaii and nobody can convince me otherwise.

Myrtenaster II (Posted 4th November 2013)

Progress so far; the various components in the top left (they'll all be joined using a skewer, which hopefully means the barrel will be able to spin!), some 3D details on the guard in the top right, and the base of the pommel in the bottom.

As usual, everything is in the process of getting a coat of paper mache, because it makes everything stronger and is a pretty good base to put primer etc on top of. I used acrylic board for the base structures, sandwiching it between two layers of super hard cardboard stuff (I'm not sure what it actually is!) for the parts that needed to be extra stiff (aka the blade and the guards). The barrel consists of several small circles of acrylic board, with worbla making up the actual barrel. 3D details are all craft foam.

Myrtenaster I (Posted 2nd November 2013)

Made a start on Myrtenaster today, using a great tutorial I found on dA. Finding tutorials is always a great place to start, but I like to fiddle around with them a bit, so I'm pretty much only using the template that came with it (because it saves me so much hassle trying to work things out on my own!)

Pics as soon as I have enough progress that it's actually worth showing.