Costume :Black Cat
Source :Amazing Spiderman
Progress :Complete
Worn At :None

Costume Photos

Black Cat

Everything but the fur...

Black boots.

Moulded craft foam mask

Basic craft foam mask.

Finished template (available - just ask)

Mask template minus eye-holes.


Costume Information

Cost : 0.99

Who? Black Cat.

Why? Character admiration!

What? Black catsuit (eBay, adjustments), black mask (craft foam), long white wig (eBay, adjustments), lolita choker (eBay), black gloves (eBay, adjustments), black boots (charity shop buy).

If you'd like to use my mask template, just ask!


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To-Do List

Black catsuit.HighPlanned
Long white wig.MediumPlanned
Gloss maskMediumPlanned
Black boots.LowPlanned
Black glovesLowPlanned