Costume :Charlotte E Yeager
Source :Strike Witches
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :None

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jacket progress

Air Force pin


striker unit ref






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Good luck on this, them legs are going to be a b**h.

by Cy-Fi on Wednesday, 11 December, 2013 - 13:44

To-Do List

jacketLowIn Progress
make shirtLowPlanned
build inner stilt for striker unitLowPlanned
install lightup propeller in striker unitLowPlanned
outsside of striker unitLowPlanned
blue contact lensesLowPlanned

Shopping List

Expanding foam x4 cans£20.00Bought
silver spray paint£6.50Bought
pvc pipe for gun£1.29Bought
EL wire kit and sequencer£39.99Bought
Green wool suiting fabric£29.99Bought
White Bikini bottoms£1.00Bought
luxury white/cream fur£0.00Bought
light up fans, battery operated x 2£8.00Bought
Air force pin£9.99Bought
Duct tape x1 roll£5.00Bought
Green Silk or Satin for Tie£0.00To Buy
Cream Cotton£0.00To Buy
fibre glass kit£0.00To Buy
blue contact lenses£0.00To Buy


bunny ears (Posted 13th August 2014)

I HATE these ears, so im going to remake them, i dont like how pointy they are at the top, i also do not like the fur i used and they are too heavy! I made them using a wire frame, the covering it in a bit of worbla to make it stronger. I then added fur and a piece of pink fleece which i then painted with latex.
I like the latex for the inner ear but thats about it lol

Jacket progress (Posted 13th August 2014)

Soooo i ran out of my cotton, its ok though good progress, looks like a jacket now. I just need to add all the details, pockets, lapels and gold ribbon. then hem it all and add a hook and eye to fasten it.

Jacket Lining (Posted 13th August 2014)

i have begun to line the jacket, im not going to hem it until i have added the pockets now but im pretty please with it, i used a green polyester liner.

army jacket (Posted 13th August 2014)

Its pretty difficult to make a proper suit jacket, I bought some lovely olive green Italian wool to use. I did buy a ladies suit jacket sewing pattern but have had to completely modify it to make it more like Charlotte's. I have had to extend the length and change the shape at the front, i will also need to add pockets and lapels.
When making the collar (pictured) i learnt a new stitch technique called pad stitching, lots of hand sewing involved.

new goal (Posted 13th August 2014)

still working on these with a new goal to enter them into the world cosplay summit in November, I think i have now mastered how to do the striker units so going for it!!

hyper Japan (Posted 10th July 2014)

as we already have wigs and materials for these cosplays we have decided to make the cosplays minus the striker units for hyper japan. :)

Fans (Posted 3rd June 2014)

After racking my brains for several months I have finally thought of a way to make the strike unit, so this Cosplay is back on track :)

Air Force pin (Posted 2nd October 2013)

My pin arrived from America today! It's an Air Force pin, I chose it because it looks very similar to Shirley's pin on her uniform. I might edit it a bit

The Striker Unit (Posted 16th September 2013)

i have started planning how to make the striker unit, its not going to be easy, i hink we will start by making duct tape dummys of our legs.
I think that we will be to be on a bit of a stilt. i am also planning on fitting some sort of light up fan for propellers

wig found (Posted 16th September 2013)

wig found on ebay, not bought yet, but most likely the one i will get, looks like the correct lenght and colour. :)

shoes (Posted 16th September 2013)

I found these perfect shoes for charlotte on ebay! I need them for when i will not be wearing the striker unit