Costume :Charlotte E Yeager
Source :Strike Witches
Progress :Complete
Worn At :None

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Shirley and Francesca

Francesca and Charlotte photo by pk snapsnap

booty! photo by pk snapsnap

photo by pk snapsnap

photo by paper cube!

photo taken by pk snapsnap


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Good luck on this, them legs are going to be a b**h.

by Cy-Fi on Wednesday, 11 December, 2013 - 12:44

To-Do List

blue contact lensesLowComplete
make shirtLowComplete
build inner stilt for striker unitLowComplete
jacketLowIn Progress
install lightup propeller in striker unitLowPlanned
outsside of striker unitLowPlanned

Shopping List

Expanding foam x4 cans£20.00Bought
silver spray paint£6.50Bought
pvc pipe for gun£1.29Bought
EL wire kit and sequencer£39.99Bought
Green wool suiting fabric£29.99Bought
White Bikini bottoms£1.00Bought
luxury white/cream fur£0.00Bought
light up fans, battery operated x 2£8.00Bought
Air force pin£9.99Bought
Duct tape x1 roll£5.00Bought
Green Silk or Satin for Tie£0.00To Buy
Cream Cotton£0.00To Buy
fibre glass kit£0.00To Buy
blue contact lenses£0.00To Buy


Striker unit step 3 (Posted 16th October 2014)

This has been a real trial and error but pleased with how it turned out. Originally we covered the legs with some thermoplastic sheets, they were really difficult to shape around the legs and once we have them attached the legs weighed too much! it would have been far to difficult to perform in with them being this new weight.
So instead we decided to cover them in craft foam. We bought a large roll and then used spray adhesive to glue it to the legs.
next we cut slits around the top and bottom of the foam and hot glued it neatly around the top and bottoms of the striker units.

We next decided to install our EL wire, we made some compartments inside the top of the S.U for the battery packs and then ran the wires down the inside of the S.U. we then measured and poke them out and supported them with some bendy coated wire so that they will stay out, we decided to keep them flexible so that it wont trip us if they catch when walking.

Now it is time to add all the extra blocks and pieces to our S.U.'s! We cut the wings out of MDF and slotted them into the from of the S.U. under the craft foam.

To make the other boxes we carved them out of blocks of polystyrene using a hot wire cutter. for the rounded blocks at the back of the S.U. we covered them is plaster mod-roc to give them a smoother surface. We cover the other blocks in craft foam.

We then glued all the pieces to our S.U using impact glue.

Finally we painted the entire S.U's using about 6 layers of PVA glue.

Striker unit step 2 (Posted 15th October 2014)

Step 2!
for the next part we decided to bulk out our striker units using expanding foam, this would also make the foam hard with will prevent it from flexing when we (try) to walk in them.
We then carved to foam to a better shape.
To get a nice smooth surface we then added a layer of floor liner foam.

Striker units (Posted 14th October 2014)

Building the striker units has been a difficult and emotional cosplay journey....

Step 1

We started by using some massive foam pipe which we slit down the back, wrapped around our legs and then used a piece of fabric and a lot of duct tape to create the base of the striker units.
To add some height and so that we are not flat footed we also bought some platform heels to wear inside.

New ears and Tail (Posted 12th October 2014)

Fabric used: Luxury cream fur and pink fleece.
Other materials: Flesh colored latex and craft foam.

1. I made the ears by first cutting out the shape i wanted with craft foam.
2. I then heated the foam with my heat gun and curved the foam into the shape i wanted.
3. I then glued a piece of pink fleece to the front of the ears and then painted about 5 layers of latex onto them.
4. Next i hand stitched the fur to the pink fleece and then trimmed some of the fur to make it neater.
5. finally i hand stitched the ears directly to the netting of my wig and ta-dah!

Fabric used: Luxury cream fur
Other materials used: Foam pipe, wire, worbla and skin tights.

1. I started with a piece of foam which is used for insulating pipes. I cut slits into where i needed it to bend slightly.
2. I then ran some stiff wire through the middle so that it will keep its shape.
3. Next i hand stitched my fur to create a fluffy tail.
4. the tricky part was figuring out how to make the tail look like it was growing out of my bear skin! so i glued a piece of worbla to the base of the tail so that it will have something to support it when it is resting against my back.
5. finally i cut a waitband off a pair of skin colored tights and the attached it between the piece of worbla and the tail. when i put it on you can really see the waistband and it looks like i have grown a tail! i also stands out really well and doesnt drop when im wearing it.

Tie progress (Posted 11th October 2014)

Fabric used: Green polydrill
Lining used: black satin

The tie was quite easy to make as i have made them before, only challenge was that i wanted it to be a clip on tie instead of a normal one.
I manage to get a tie clip from ebay.
1. I cute my green fabric to shape and added a small piece of black satin to the end of the tie so it looks neater.
2.I also added a piece of interfacing.
3.I pressed the edges of the fabric and then hand stitched with a ladder stitch to sew it all together.
4. I then wrapped my finished tie around the clip and stitched it on to stop it coming undone.

Jacket progress (Posted 10th October 2014)

Fabric used: 100% Italian wool suiting (olive green)
Lining used: Polyester dress lining (green)

This jacket has been a challenge but i have enjoyed making it. I carefully researched what kind of fabric to use as i wanted to use something that may have been used in world war two. The British army jackets were always made from 100% wool.
1. I started by using a womens suit jacket pattern that i modified to be more like Shirley's (longer)
2. I sewed a;; the fabric pieces together and the lining pieces then sewed them together to make the jacket, the collar needed a sewing technique that i have not used before called pad stitching which is done by hand.
3.once i finished the jacket i then added the details of the pockets and lapels on the shoulders. I made these using some heavy interfacing and imagination.
4. I used bondaweb to carefully attach the gold ribbon on the sleeves and the lapels.
5. I also added some genuine World war 2 US army buttons on the lapels and a genuine US army wings pin badge.

Shirt (Posted 9th October 2014)

Fabric used: Japanese silk (Ivory)
Lining used: Crepe Suiting (Cream)

I have never made a shirt/blouse before so this was a challenge, i do not own a sewing pattern for a shirt so i had to make it up as i went along.
1. I started by using a pattern for a chinese dress as it was nice and fitted and had a high neck. I folded the bottom hem of the pattern into a point in the two front and back sections before cutting.
2. Once i was happy with the shape i cut out my fabric, for the outside part of the pattern i made sure that i left some tabs on the points so that i could fold them around and hem one i had sewn the lining and fabric together.
3. The collar is made from using some heavy duty interfacing sen inside, i ensured that i kept ironing all my edges as i made the shirt so that i would get nice crisp hems.
4. Once i finished putting the pieces together i then needed to add the buttons and button holes. I started by making to strips of interfaced fabric measured, cut and ironed to size. I then used a the button hole setting on my sewing machine to sew all the button holes in on one side of the shirt, I then measured the other right hand side strip and used my sewing machine's zig zag stitch and button foot to sew on all the buttons.

Misson complete!! and i am very happy with the result!

back on track for WCS (Posted 9th October 2014)

ok so we are back on track for WCS 2014, although i have not updated my CI journal lots of progress has been made over the last couple of months

bunny ears (Posted 13th August 2014)

I HATE these ears, so im going to remake them, i dont like how pointy they are at the top, i also do not like the fur i used and they are too heavy! I made them using a wire frame, the covering it in a bit of worbla to make it stronger. I then added fur and a piece of pink fleece which i then painted with latex.
I like the latex for the inner ear but thats about it lol

Jacket progress (Posted 13th August 2014)

Soooo i ran out of my cotton, its ok though good progress, looks like a jacket now. I just need to add all the details, pockets, lapels and gold ribbon. then hem it all and add a hook and eye to fasten it.

Jacket Lining (Posted 13th August 2014)

i have begun to line the jacket, im not going to hem it until i have added the pockets now but im pretty please with it, i used a green polyester liner.

army jacket (Posted 13th August 2014)

Its pretty difficult to make a proper suit jacket, I bought some lovely olive green Italian wool to use. I did buy a ladies suit jacket sewing pattern but have had to completely modify it to make it more like Charlotte's. I have had to extend the length and change the shape at the front, i will also need to add pockets and lapels.
When making the collar (pictured) i learnt a new stitch technique called pad stitching, lots of hand sewing involved.

new goal (Posted 13th August 2014)

still working on these with a new goal to enter them into the world cosplay summit in November, I think i have now mastered how to do the striker units so going for it!!

hyper Japan (Posted 10th July 2014)

as we already have wigs and materials for these cosplays we have decided to make the cosplays minus the striker units for hyper japan. :)

Fans (Posted 3rd June 2014)

After racking my brains for several months I have finally thought of a way to make the strike unit, so this Cosplay is back on track :)

Air Force pin (Posted 2nd October 2013)

My pin arrived from America today! It's an Air Force pin, I chose it because it looks very similar to Shirley's pin on her uniform. I might edit it a bit

The Striker Unit (Posted 16th September 2013)

i have started planning how to make the striker unit, its not going to be easy, i hink we will start by making duct tape dummys of our legs.
I think that we will be to be on a bit of a stilt. i am also planning on fitting some sort of light up fan for propellers

wig found (Posted 16th September 2013)

wig found on ebay, not bought yet, but most likely the one i will get, looks like the correct lenght and colour. :)

shoes (Posted 16th September 2013)

I found these perfect shoes for charlotte on ebay! I need them for when i will not be wearing the striker unit