Costume :Vaati
Variant :Human Form
Source :The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap
Progress :Complete
Worn At :London MCM Expo Comic Con October 2013

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What self-respecting gamer does not love at least one game in the Zelda franchise? Shh don't answer that. And although technically A Link to the Past/Four Swords was the first Zelda game I ever played, The Minish Cap for the GBA is the one that really sparks those gooey feelings of nostalgia in me.

I've wanted to do some king of TLoZ cosplay for a while now, and I considered Midna, but as Vaati was my first choice and I absolutely love his design more overall (evil Link ^-^) I went with Vaati.


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To-Do List

Make long sleeved jerkinLowComplete
Make trousers and SandalsLowPlanned
Make hat and headpieceLowPlanned
Make CloakLowPlanned
make belt centreLowPlanned
Cut and style wigLowPlanned
Add detailing to sleevesLowPlanned

Shopping List

Lilac Fabric£11.97Bought
Purple Fabric£14.97Bought
Purple Cutoff Fabric£0.55Bought
Red/Orangey Fabric£9.98Bought
Yellow Belt£8.95Bought


Tunic Done! (Posted 4th September 2013)

It basically took me all of Saturday, but yes, it is done! I sewed the arms on wrong, but meh, you can't really tell too much and its my first time sewing a full shirt XD. Am very pleased with how this turned out. I still need to do some more detailing on the cuffs, but for this I am mainly done.