Costume :Cecil Palmer
Source :Welcome to Night Vale
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :MCM Manchester Comic Con 2014

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Costume Information

The best thing about cosplaying a podcast is no one can say you're wrong.

So I'm hoping to get some purple contact lenses, and some scar wax to make the extra eye more realistic. I'm also still in experimentation with the makeup. Because Cecil is ofc sassy and alternative. I'm also thinking a blonde wig would be better, and I'm in a dilemma about the tattoos - risk my crappy art skills and draw them, or buy tattoo sleeves and risk them being shitty and obviously fake? Hrm.,.

Update January 2014 - Spraying fringe white. Cannot get lenses due to astigmatism :( tattoos still awkward.


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To-Do List

Paint headphonesHighPlanned
Buy scar wax and other itemsMediumPlanned
Make eyeMediumPlanned
Make microphoneLowPlanned

Shopping List

Epoxy Glue for Eye£1.42To Buy
Ben Nye Scar Wax£3.70To Buy
Braces?£0.99To Buy