The Retro Valentine

Costume :Alice
Variant :Tim Burton movie
Source :Alice in Wonderland
Progress :Complete
Worn At :None

Costume Photos

Alice Ref 1

Alice 1

Alice 2

Alice 3

Alice 4


Costume Information

Cost : £7.00 (found the dress in a charity shop!!)
Time Taken : Not long :)


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Making the costume: Alice in Wonderland (Tim Burton movie) (Posted 22nd August 2013)

So this was a pretty quick cosplay to do, especially as it was a spontaneous purchase from a charity shop (and I can't resist a bargain!) I'd got my sisters birthday coming up real soon, and as the theme was A Mad Hatters Garden Tea Party (and we were permitted to dress up as ANY fictional character), Alice seemed like an easy peasy option for me, as I was running and organising the party. I did leave it very last minute though, I admit.

I crimped my long blonde hair, which initially looked fab - unfortunately in the pics you see here the waves had started to fall out a tad, and I couldn't add hair spray so close to lighting the birthday candles :S

You will spot that my shoes are plain black and much more similar to that of other versions of Alice, in particular the Disney animated one - last minute preparation gave me no other option. Also, due to only taking quick glances at Alice images, I had never noticed that she wears gloves (I've not seen the movie either. Must watch it sometime.....)

I should probably re-do this cosplay in the future and do it better, but as I only wore it to a birthday party I think it was cheap and cheerful. And it gave me an excuse to rock 90's hair crimping once again, woohoo!! ;)