Costume :Glinda
Variant :One Short day
Source :Wicked
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :None

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Time Taken : 1 1/2 weeks

I LOVE Glinda :D

I plan to make all of her outfits and my next one will probably be 'thank goodness' (her engagement dress)

My friend convinced me to make this before the popular one, even though that one's my favourite XD

I hope to wear this too expo or Wicked (again) this Christmas. I just need the emerald city glasses.


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Oh my Shiz! The lace details are looking absolutely beautiful already, very excited to see this finished!

by ThisIsLisaB on Monday, 30 September, 2013 - 00:35

To-Do List

buy fabricHighIn Progress
make dress HighPlanned
Add detailMediumIn Progress
find shoesMediumPlanned
find Oz glassesLowPlanned

Shopping List

gold beads + sequins£0.99Bought
yellow chiffon + satin£7.48Bought
corset boning + rhinestones£10.91To Buy
corset pattern 6480 £5.95To Buy


cut outs (Posted 19th September 2013)

Lace cut outs are painted, theses obviously aren't all of them, but these are read for beads :)

so far (Posted 19th September 2013)

Some cut outs have been beaded, just need to find right skirt fabric to aplique them onto it

skirt decor (Posted 15th September 2013)

I'm going to have my own twist on the skirt and since I'm not good with lots of embroidery, I'm going to use lace cut outs, like the original Broadway dress :)

stuff (Posted 5th September 2013)

Yellow fabric paint + beads and sequins, for decoration (mainly on the skirt)

ref (Posted 23rd August 2013)

Reference. this dress reminds me of a sunflower hee :D ♡