Costume :Aradia Megido
Variant :Dead
Source :Homestuck - MS Paint Adventures.
Progress :Complete
Worn At :Cardiff Film and Comic Con 2013

Costume Photos

Hooray for couple Cosplay

Still on the train

On the train


Costume Information

Cost : About £50.
Time Taken : Uh idk maybe two/three weeks.

Okay, I'll be cosplaying Aradia at Cardiff Film and Comic Con with mah BFF Jesse (HEIRofBOOTY). She'll be Sollux, Yeah couple cosplays are so fun. Let's hope this turns out well.


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Hope it goes well at cardiff con, very cool cosplay there, always great seeing more PPL from wales cosplay fairplay, awesome job

by HorrorFanatic85 on Sunday, 1 September, 2013 - 18:23
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babe u looked luscious and fab
btw i found more photos of us on the facebook page if you want to check them out

by eridumbs on Monday, 2 September, 2013 - 10:09

To-Do List

Make hornsHighComplete
Make this goddamn skirtHighComplete
White mesh contacts are a mustHighComplete
Put symbol on topMediumComplete
Buy body/face paintMediumComplete
All the make up I'll needMediumComplete
I need some socksMediumComplete
I have shoes that'll do but I'd prefer other ones soLowComplete

Shopping List

White mesh contacts£13.34Bought
Grey Tights£4.00Bought
Crepe Paper£3.00Bought
Skirt Materials£6.50Bought


Hello again. (Posted 1st September 2013)

I know I shouldn't still be doing this but I'm just gonna say here as I'm too nervous on my social networking sites.

Okay, so the con was yesterday (I only went for one day). I'm not gonna blather about how great it was and how great everyone's Cosplays were, I'll just talk about mine.
So the horns had a really positive effect, I had heaps of compliments on them. Also my contacts had a lot of remarks on, some people thought they were awesome, some thought they were creepy. Also Jesse and I did the competition to 'build confidence' or something so that was cool. We had lots of pictures taken of us, my ego is thriving right now. Oh, the best comment was Lance Henriksen acting concerned and asking me if I could see. Highlight of 2013 fo sho.

So yep, this is it. One day I'll look back and laugh at what a dork I am but then future me will realise I probably didn't improve with time. Welp, my writing tenses just failed so yeah Mina, signing off, until the next Cosplay which will be in about two months.

How I made my Aradia horns. (Posted 30th August 2013)

As promised to the ghosts that visit my account here it is: Mina's guide as to how to make Aradia horns! The name may not be catchy but one day I'll be doing something important and someone will bring up my teenage years and I'll not let it be said that I didn't at least try.

Step 1) Okay so cut a template for the shape out of cardboard.
Step 2) Now this requires you to use your skills. Squeeze foil and shape it around the cardboard templates. I used two templates against each other then put the foil around them so it'd be thicker and stronger, I suggest doing what I did if you want to be as great as me. Just try to shape the foil how you'd like it, similar to the picture I guess.
Step 3) Paper mache the hell out of it. I used newspaper then coloured crepe paper (the yellow and orange colour isn't necessary to paper mache I just wanted mine to look pretty) but you could do a layer of whatever. Examples of what you could use are: orange peel, dragon skin, human flesh, cat fur or for some extra texture, barbed wire.
Step 4) I wanted my horns to have ridges so I wrapped string around them and then did another layer of paper mache.
Step 5) Go ahead and paint them. I haven't actually done the painting yet but just go wild, paint the horns paint yourself, paint your siblings, whatever floats your particular boat.

Then I guess you attach them to a head band and you're ready to go. Aside from the rest of the outfit but whatever. Go forth, my children and Cosplay.
And so ends my completely professional guide, use it wisely or not at all. I suspect you'll do the last one.

Hmmm... (Posted 30th August 2013)

Oh yeah! On my last journal I forgot to say the reason I now need to paint the symbol on is because the t shirt transfer was for a white top.

Status report: The chicken isn't burnt.

EDIT: Goddamnit, I've forgotten to say twice now that the contacts have arrived after a little thing happening at the postage office but yep they're here too.

Wow the Con's tomorrow gosh (Posted 30th August 2013)

Howdy non-existent strangers! So naturally, I'm way behind on my cosplay, Jesse's basically done hers and here I am knee deep in paint and glue. So process:

Horns - they are finally almost finished. I've procrastinated so they were started yesterday. I'll do a step by step thing as to how I made them in my next journal entry thing in about ten to twenty minutes. Right now I'm try to watch a chicken cook because I was given the important task of making sure my house doesn't burn down.
Hair - today I bought a different wig because the way my horns are meas that I'll need to cut a hole in the wig to fit them through then have a headband underneath. The previous wig was Jesse's and I would never defile her things. Anyway, it's quite a cheap wig (I'm gonna cut holes in it, of course it is) but it's close enough to canon I just need to flatten some of the curls tomorrow morning.
Make up: Body paint is already done as you might know (unless you're reading these journal entries from top to bottom, in which case I suggest stopping) and I think my mum has the make up she's got tons of make up there's bound to be something.
T shirt - I have a plain black t shirt, apparently I'm going to paint the symbol on in a bit.
Skirt - this is the worst part. I have the fabric but I haven't actually done it. No worries though, I'm a master at pulling cosplays together within a night. Sleep, who needs it.
Tights - yeah, I'm using tights because I don't have a lot of Snazaroo so yep grey tights hooray.
Socks - I've actually only sewn one of my socks. See they were knee length with three stripes but I've sewn one so it's mid-calf height with only one stripe showing. I don't need long to sew the other one.
Shoes - I bought better shoes for it, I just need to swap the laces.

Yeah, quite a bit to do but I'll do it. This is like the most unprofessional journal not sorry. Anyway, adios I can smell burning chicken.

Okaaaaay (Posted 20th August 2013)

Only 11 days to go, uh oh. I've bought some more stuff:

Socks - They have three stripes which is a problem, they'll take some careful editing to make them look natural.
Contacts - They only have to arrive, I hope they get here soon.
A T-Shirt transfer - I'm not sure if I'll use it but it's good to know it's here.
Snazaroo - I bought the darker grey but it'll do.

I just need to get this skirt done, possibly buy some shoes, buy a black shirt and MAKE THESE GODDAMN HORNS. I'm nervous about those but my stepdad used to do a lot of modelling (I mean making things not posing for a camera) so he said he'll help me tonight. My mum said she'll help with the skirt and as for the shirt, well there's the tansfer but we don't have a good printer. My backup plan is to go to one of those over priced T-Shirt places.

That's all I have to say for now so I'll keep you non-existent people who care posted.

Ok, I'd better start posting here. (Posted 14th August 2013)

Right so I've found some cheap white mesh contacts. I need prescription ones because well, my eyesight is rubbish. So there are cheap ones on honeycolor.com which you can spend extra to get fast delivery on which, since the con's in 17 days, I will need. Just need to convince my mum to order them.
My mum is partly my savior, she says she'll order my socks later yay, and also she said she'll help me find some fabric for my skirt. I have so much to do let's hope this goes well okay peace out.