Gourry Gabriev
The Slayers

Cosplayer: Ilpala

Variant: Season 1

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

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Anonymous - 30th March 2009
I'm glad I decided that I wanted to cosplay Lina Inverse (and that Wessex helped by creating a skit around it). It was fun - and not just the parts where I had to hit you with a giant inflatable banana! :-p

Thanks for being my sidekick - you made a wonderful Gourry :-)

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Anonymous - 30th March 2009
Eyes of the mole, speed of the snail!
Brains of yoghurt, soul of a jellyfish!

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Defrain - 30th March 2009
awesome costume mate and great skit

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Captain_Marvelous - 1st April 2009
Awesome!!! One of not my fave character From The Slayers :) awesome make I love the sword and am all about the armor, well done ^^

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BlusterSquall - 1st April 2009
This was awesome! I love Slayers and you're a fabu Gourry (even if Zelgadis is a bit better. XP)
Love for Slayers! And love for Gourry song! :D

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Amy-Lou - 1st April 2009
I can't think of anyone better to do Gourry :) Excellent job.

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nanahara - 18th May 2009
awsome job on this ^^

Sephirayne avatar

Sephirayne - 30th June 2009
An Absolutyly spot on Gourry. Excellent job. Love the armour and the sword. The wig is epic as well.