Costume :Mogami Kyoko
Variant :Setsu Heel
Source :Skip Beat
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :None

Costume Photos

Earring finished

Lip ring and Earring

Hair Colour

Necklace + Earring + Lipring

Gloves Close Up

Boots Close Up

Outfit 1


Costume Information

Really want to do this version of Kyoko mainly because of her whole attitude change :D and because making the wig will be TONS of fun :D


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Can't wait to see this!

by InfiniteJester on Monday, 9 September, 2013 - 12:37

Shopping List

Fake Lip Ring£0.99Bought
Spike Studds£0.99Bought
Skull Earring£1.99Bought
Small Cross?£0.50Bought
random pendants for earring£10.00Bought
Round Studs (gloves)£0.99Bought
Belt£7.98To Buy
Pattern for top£6.00To Buy
Black Leather 4m (roughly)£34.00To Buy


Lip Rings (Posted 22nd August 2013)

The fake lip/earrings arrived and then look FABULOUS!!!! *strikes pose*
really comfy to wear :D just waiting on the skull earrings and then I can FINALLY get started YAY!

Studds (Posted 21st August 2013)

Studds Arrived for her necklace/Choker :D really can't wait to get properly started on this :D

Damn Earrings (Posted 14th August 2013)

Trying to figure out what is hanging on the dangly parts of her earrings... so far i've found A heart and a cross (not the one on her lip) the others look like either a key, spade and a diamond but really not sure.

Cain Heel Doll (Posted 12th August 2013)

Think I should make one?