Costume :Surprise!
Source :AKB0048
Progress :Planned
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Assault micsaber reference

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I watched AKB0048 because it's so popular on this website and I LOVED it, I can't resist cute dancing girls lol! I used to love Buono! and Idolm@ster dances but this is a full anime where I can be really invested in the characters and I really want to be in a group one day and maybe even do a dance performance. I don't know what character I'd be or even if I will have the money/time to do this but I love Yuuko, Takamina, Mimori/Mariko, Orine, Yuuka, Makoto, and Kanata, but I also know that Sae is not very popular so I may cosplay her - it depends on whether I have the money to be in a group and who they need! But I love Mimori, she's my favourite, so hopefully I would like to cosplay her.

I would buy this costume from Taobao most likely as it would be cheapest and I couldn't make anything this complicated myself!

I want to make a micsaber too and hopefully use this ribbon to make it light up! http://www.festive-lights.com/battery-lights/36-blue-led-indoor-battery-ribbon-lights.html

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Mystery AKB cosplay!!!

Although, when I saw the kirara on the page I was like "OMFG SOMEONE IS COSPLAYING A KIRARA!! YES! X_X"

I can't decided if I'm disappointed or not

by NixieThePixie on Monday, 12 August, 2013 - 14:19

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Learning the dances (Posted 14th August 2013)

If I do this, I'm going to REALLY do this! I've learnt a short version of Aitakatta! and I'm a minute through one version of Beginner (which is the most difficult part of the song). Let's do this!