Costume :Saber
Source :Fate/Zero
Progress :Planned
Worn At :None

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Saber Dress Mockup


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Blue dress version, sans armour (for now).


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Saber Dress Mockup (Posted 11th August 2013)

I had originally thought that Saber’s Blue dress was made up of three parts: the skirts, waist corset (?) and puffed sleeved jacket. Alas, taking a look at the anime and various figures it’s all one piece, so I hoped this pattern would be a good foundation for the top section of the cosplay with only minimal adjustment to the shape of a few pieces. We shall see.

I think all I need to do is draft the neck part, swap in some puffed sleeves from another pattern (or draft them too), shorten the front corset-like part to allow the open laced part, change the shape of the bottom of the corset part and lengthen the skirt part, making them into rectangles instead of an uneven hem… I might have to make the bottom of the corset part go over the skirt as another layer. But I’ll have a better look when the pattern arrives ;)