Costume :Pepper Potts
Variant :Casual (Various)
Source :Marvel/Iron Man/Avengers
Progress :Complete
Worn At :London MCM Expo May 2013

Costume Photos

Iron Throne @ LFCC Summer 2014

Stark Industries


Costume Information

Cost : 9.57
Time Taken : 0

Basically various casual Pepper outfits. This started because I wasn't feeling up to wearing a "proper" costume on the Saturday of May Expo 2013 and we'd all just bought Stark Industry Tees the day before... and I happened to have a ginger wig with me for a friend to borrow, so I ended up being Pepper. I've basically decided that at least one day per con I have to do casual cosplay because I'm just not well enough anymore to be in full costume and ott make-up every single day of a con. So, building up a wee stockpile of casual costumes I can just whip a wig on with is a good idea. I am looking forward to the white shirt/denim shorts combo as I own these things already and it will be free! :D

New, more accurate wig bought: 24/04/2014


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Shorts (Posted 17th June 2014)

They've got a big logo on them, so I might get new ones when I have money, but they fit well and are comfy. I can always just hide the logo in photos with my hand and strategic posing. ;)

I do have a brown belt somewhere that I'll need to dig out. Not sure what shoes to wear with it though since Pepper's barefoot. Maybe some sandals.

Shirt (Posted 17th June 2014)


Wig (Posted 17th June 2014)

Wig. It's a bit curly and a bit darker than expected but much better than my original wig. It's probably more accurate for comic Pepper than movie Pepper.

Avengers Assemble Casual Pepper Refs. (Posted 17th June 2014)