Costume :Shikhee
Variant :Stained
Source :Music
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :None

Costume Photos


stained 2

stained 1


Costume Information

As I really like the music video to stained (android lust)
I thought... I could make a random costume...
the materials/fabrics won't be exactly the I have NO money, I want to try what I can do to make it look like it for a shoot or video!

I will make the two main costumes from the video
the one with the crossed face and the main costume...


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To-Do List

Sew neck pieceHighComplete
sew long stripesHighComplete
sew 2nd neck part (long pieces back and front)HighIn Progress
Sew breast partHighPlanned
Style wigMediumComplete
sew short breast stripeMediumIn Progress

Shopping List

plateau boots...£40.00To Buy


Wig ... (Posted 5th August 2013)

for the 2nd outfit... the wig :D
Its an old one a friend gave me for another cosplay
I just quickly styled it and tadaaaahhh its usefull for stained!

The cross is not the version for the costume btw, its just to test how it looks, as I need another kind of fabric for it lol

Day one of sewing (Posted 5th August 2013)

I havent done that much today but I started!
I got the two long stripes for the back and front... also the white parts (original : foil but I use very thin curtain's fabric) (I couldnt combine the stripe with the white part yet because the threads are black...and I still need black xD)
The collar and the neck thingy... are seperate
I still need to work on the neck part, as its kind of important to fix the other parts :S
The stripes and the neck thing can be combined with velcro stuff, just as the collar and the neck part at all...
gloves: As those old gloves dont have their full lenght anymore, I used some selfmade gloves i made out of an old pullover... so I can just stripe them over and they have the same lenght again! yaay