Costume :Lightning (Claire Farron)
Source :Final Fantasy XIII
Progress :Planned
Worn At :None

Costume Photos

"Worst birthday ever."

Lightnin' Part Deux

Toriyama's Abomination


Costume Information

FFXIII is such a fucking conundrum. I WANT to like it SOOO bad, because it's probably the best looking PS3 game, the music and voice acting is superb, the character designs are some of the best in the series and it has a lot of cool story concepts, such as having a woman and her sister's fiance who she hates being forced to work together to save the world, and the fal'Cie wanting to partake in human potential by making them l'Cie. But with Toriyama's deification of his own characters, and the primary plot-hole of the fal'Cie never explicitly stating what their Focus is immediately after they give it to them, the story as a whole makes little sense. So yeah, I don't really like FFXIII all that much, and Lightning will probably be my only "crossplay," since I think she has the best character design of any female Final Fantasy character. AND THEN THEY FUCKED IT UP IN XIII-2 WITH ALL THAT RETARDED ARMOR.


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