Earthworm Jim
earthwrom Jim tv show

Cosplayer: grayskull8

Variant: tv show

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

The used comdom and beffcake award minami WTF!!!! XD

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Anonymous - 28th March 2009
OMFG... amazing.. and CLASSIC :D... i love it sooo much :D xx

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PapercutPerfect - 28th March 2009
... you win at life on so many levels xD

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Chibi - 28th March 2009
OMFG I <3 you


Earthworm Jim is AWESOME

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MoonLily - 28th March 2009
This = EPIC! O.O

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Anonymous - 28th March 2009
omfg that's mental but I love it!! haha

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kitty - 28th March 2009
ahahaha XD
classic. looks really good too!

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nanahara - 28th March 2009
nicely done man, and great choice of cosplay

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Kacela - 28th March 2009
Awsome! Very well done for pulling it off so well ^^

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Manjou - 28th March 2009
That's just nuts

nuts and awesome! :D

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Limegreenjelly - 29th March 2009
shredder and now earthworm jim o_o... I really should of gone to southampton's convention :(

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Defrain - 30th March 2009
loved the costume mate and congrats on the most condoms award

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Amy-Lou - 30th March 2009
You haven't said which award you won ;)
Awesome costume!

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AmethystEyes - 30th March 2009

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Cosplex - 30th March 2009

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MangaChild - 30th March 2009
You know how much i love this costume
I couldnt stop telling you lol


All of it flawlessly 100% Awesome

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Ilpala - 30th March 2009
Absolutely wicked!

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drowned_panda - 31st March 2009

Bloody amazing!

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timpey - 1st April 2009
u will have to try to tickle peter puppy to get him off u ^^ great cosplay man

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Anonymous - 2nd April 2009
That is just the most freakin' awesome thing I've ever seen!!! :D

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Anonymous - 29th April 2009
*Whips you with own head then launches a cow*

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timpey - 9th May 2009
snot looks great ^^ u should give him a nose flute

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Anonymous - 9th May 2009
Awesome Snot.


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Freyarule - 28th May 2009


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FairyPorchQueen - 11th June 2009
This is just one of the most amazing things i have ever :O

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Sephirayne - 30th June 2009
Yay! The epic body glove of Doom. Such a fab job. I love it.

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Numta - 11th January 2011

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Origin - 4th June 2015
Twenty-six comments and nobody thought to describe this cosplay as "groovy!"? For shame! :D

But seriously, though. Any cosplay that gets my nostalgia going is okay in my book. And this definitely does. I love how you made the head. Awesome job!