Costume :Gamzee Makara
Source :MS Paint Adventures: Homestuck
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :London MCM Expo Comic Con October 2013

Costume Photos

troll teeth

Gamzee Makara

makeup and my own hair from manchester meetup


Costume Information

Cost : £90 so far
Time Taken : 5 hours so far

Gamzee is my favourite character from the series so far and his outfit simplicity is what made me first decide to cosplay him. I did a sort of human!stuck variety to a small meetup in Manchester recently but since then I've collected the materials to make horns (which I'm dreading)
The costume involves:
Black baggy shirt, printed with the purple capricorn symbol
black baggy trousers, printed with grey spots
purple converse-like shoes for £6 from Primark
grey arm-sock-things made from grey tights and fake nails
a black spiky wig which I ordered online
grey and white snazaroo facepaint
troll teeth made with fake nails, a glue gun and a bobby pin
a clown horn bought from a costume shop
and HORNS made from crayola model magic and acrylic paint.

The horns, gloves and fabric painting haven't been done yet, and I'm still collecting recommended materials like setting powder, primer etc.


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To-Do List

make troll teethMediumComplete
make grey arm-socksMediumPlanned
make hornsMediumPlanned
fabric paint trousersMediumPlanned
fabric paint shirtMediumPlanned
buy a second clown horn?LowPlanned

Shopping List

strong black hairband£0.50Bought
hot glue gun£9.99Bought
3 acrylic paints for horns£10.00Bought
clown horn£5.00Bought
purple fabric paint£3.50Bought
grey fabric paint£3.50Bought
gloss coat / sealer for horns£3.50Bought
purple converse£6.00Bought
oversized back jeggins£7.00Bought
baggy black "boyfriend style" t-shirt£4.00Bought
white snazaroo facepaint£4.00Bought
grey snazaroo facepaint£4.00Bought
20oz bottle Redpop Faygo£2.00To Buy
yellow nail varnish£1.99To Buy
black wig£13.23To Buy
crayola model magic clay£18.95To Buy


Questioning (Posted 20th July 2013)

Do I really need "Ben Nye Final seal?" Apparently hairspray does the same basic thing. Setting powder? Primer?
I mean, I want this costume to look good but I'm wondering if it's REALLY necessary.
Also I'm going to LA in a few days and one of my American friends has agreed to track down some Faygo for me and I'll buy it off her when we meet up ^_^ joy of joys.
Do I really need a second clown horn? Or would one hand faygo the other hand horn look good enough? The place I got the horn from was in manchester and I live in the North East so obviously I can't go back there just to buy it. I could always order one online but is it really necessary?

Manchester Meetup (Posted 6th July 2013)

Wore the costume to this meetup for the first time. At this point it was a plain black t-shirt, black trousers, blue converse and makeup. My own hair was fluffed up and I was sans-horns. I bought the clown horn today.
It was loads of fun; first ever meetup and met a ton of like-minded people. We played twister in the park in full costume.
Motivated me to aim for London comic-con.