Costume :Haruhi Fujioka (Episode 10)
Source :Ouran High School Host Club
Progress :Complete
Worn At :Hyper Japan July 2013

Costume Photos

With Luigi

At Hyper Japan

At Hyper Japan



Costume Information

It seems I am getting through all of Haruhi's outfits ^_^

Due to the hot Hyper Japan outfits keep changing and it's annoying but I think I may have a Ouran weekend.

I have everything to do this so will be making it this weekend ^_^


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FINISHED!!!! (Posted 16th July 2013)

I managed to get her necklace at work on Monday, for 99p. What a bargain!

I have ironed and packed everything for Hyper Japan and looking forward to wearing this. Not sure what day yet...maybe Sunday

Almost Done (Posted 14th July 2013)

I have been working on this most of yesterday but today I decided to see how it all looked together and I do like how it all looks..I'm not sure about the underarms of my pink dress, as it doesn't really have shape...may dart a little on both sides.

All I need to do now is attach the straps and add her front seam. Get her necklaces and then I'm done ^_^
Can't wait to wear her and I will be going to a commoner supermarket ^_^

Photo is blurry but it shows what it looks like at the moment

Progress (Posted 13th July 2013)

This was a last minute decision to make this outfit as I feel it will be nicer to wear in the warm weather. I already have a white t-shirt and the trousers that she wears.
I had some pink fabric for another project, which is on hold so decided to use that for the over dress, which is about 70% done after a couple of hours on and off work.
I will have to look into shoes and her necklaces and then this will be done as I am using my own hair for this...thank god ^_^