Costume :007
Variant :closet cosplay
Source :James Bond
Progress :Complete
Worn At :None

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The name's Bond


Costume Information

Cost : 0
Time Taken : 5 minutes in the wardrobe

white shirt and black tie, jacket and trousers with a shoulder holster.
I got the idea for this after watching die another day and all of the special features in the collectors edition.


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Closet cosplays are the best :) looking good :D

by gaming_goddess on Monday, 15 July, 2013 - 00:05
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Looks good :D

by WhiteWraith on Wednesday, 24 July, 2013 - 12:37
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This looks awesome!

by BlueberryTale on Friday, 26 July, 2013 - 21:30
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Very cool 007, not seen many of these about

by HorrorFanatic85 on Wednesday, 7 August, 2013 - 16:16
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you sir are a spy. Good work

by ChibiMatsu on Tuesday, 3 September, 2013 - 20:18
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A very well put together closet cosplay!

by TheStarlightFairy on Wednesday, 4 September, 2013 - 20:31
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looks good and well put together!

by Mothfox on Tuesday, 10 September, 2013 - 11:36
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Awesome posing! Thats what makes simple costumes so effective! You look fab Mr.Bond ^^

by Mew Rocky on Monday, 16 September, 2013 - 10:26
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This looks swish :)
It'd be cool if you could maybe incorporate the gun he uses in Die Another Day, as that' what you're using for reference, but past that it's great! :D

by Illulyn on Tuesday, 24 September, 2013 - 18:59
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i think i'll be trying to get a shoulder holster and a glock 17 or 19

by adamphillip on Tuesday, 24 September, 2013 - 19:41
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Looks awesome! Closet cosplays - for the win

by MadlyScientific on Thursday, 31 October, 2013 - 23:22
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looks cool. nice one

by Namine on Thursday, 19 December, 2013 - 19:44
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This looks very nice well done.

by SuperZeldaGirl on Tuesday, 16 June, 2015 - 20:30

To-Do List

get Glock 26 or 19LowPlanned
get UMP45 like in casino royalLowPlanned


needed items (Posted 9th July 2013)

just need these things:
suit jacket
shoulder holster
glock 19