Costume :Jotaro Kujo
Variant :Stardust Crusaders
Source :Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
Progress :Complete
Worn At :AyaCon 2013

Costume Photos

Quick Lobby Pose

Jotaro and Will

'For christ sakes clean your mirror'

Prep photo

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Costume Information

Cost : £66


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YES! Progress looks amazing - looking forward to seeing this at Aya :D

by gaming_goddess on Thursday, 1 August, 2013 - 23:59
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Aw man I love seeing Jo Jo cosplays. I always wanted to do Bruno

by 1000014 on Sunday, 4 August, 2013 - 23:11

To-Do List

Get Wig to complete.HighComplete
Sort out extra componentsHighComplete

Shopping List

Jacket Materials£30.00Bought
Purple Shirt£3.99Bought
Belts/Belt Materials£15.00Bought
Large Choke Chain£4.99To Buy


Done (Posted 2nd August 2013)

Brought my wig so ive got everything I needed.
I need to style my wig and somehow get it to blend with the hat but whether I figure someting out in time is another story.
Ive thought of some changes I want to make so I will wear this again for Kitacon with certain modifications.
Well this is last update until after the con so wish me luck and please say hello at Ayacon if you see me :)

Big changes (Posted 24th July 2013)

So things got sour when my mate suddenly couldnt help me out before before Aya started so I had to ask a pro out who luckily gave me a huge discount as I provided the materials,like literally the price of shipping.
Eternally grateful at that point I sent them over and had them returned today.
Got my jacket all sorted with the white inside plus a little chain which I will keep this time around and then maybe swap out for the bigger chain at the next con.
My belts are also done and are the asked colours which is great.
Also received my hat in the post which is a good fit.
A little big on my normal head by combined with a wig its a good fit, the wig is the last thing I need to get now.
Ive also come across some fake cigarettes are added effect and with that im pretty set.
Will update if anything else comes up :)

First Step (Posted 9th July 2013)

Got my materials sorted and getting them over to my mate who is a regular life saver at this point.
Hopefully I have enough to create a long dark jacket with a white lining inside.
Ill post a picture within the month when I can get a look at it.

Ive brought a dog chain which I was going to spray paint gold but I think I might go for a bigger size to make it look better, lets hope its not too heavy though as im already not looking forward to all this coat weight in this heat.

Sadly I wont be making the hat till I know how much material I have left but the icons are pretty much done.

Decided to use my normal shoes because meh and in the meantime ill get working on these belts even though the heat is making me slightly lazy.