Costume :Annie Leonhart
Variant :Trainee
Source :Shingeki no Kyojin/Attack on Titan
Progress :Complete
Worn At :AyaCon 2013

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Costume Information

Cost : 56.00
Time Taken : 2 hour

I know people are probably sick of seeing people wanting to cosplay from this buuuuut HI! :D I shouldn't be adding this to my Aya cosplay plans as I am poor enough buuuuut... yeah.. again HI!!! :D


I liked her in the Anime and then I read the Manga... Woops! And now she's no longer my fav but I'll give her some cosplay love anyway before I go onto another character with mah gear making sob lol!


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Nice to see someone cosplaying Annie :)
Progress looks great!

by WhiteWraith on Saturday, 10 August, 2013 - 08:55

To-Do List

Style WigHighComplete
Edit JacketHighPlanned
Do strapping.HighPlanned
PatchesMediumIn Progress
Training KnifeLowComplete
Edit BootsLowPlanned

Shopping List

Climbing strapping£5.00Bought
Transfer Paper (will be upgraded to a patch)£3.75Bought
Leather 2 meters£16.00Bought


Jackey (Posted 8th August 2013)

Just the strapping n leather to go....

Progression (Posted 4th August 2013)

Training knife done n wig done. Zomboi helped me with them as i once again am running late... :D

Wig (Posted 10th July 2013)

Bought me a new wig for this cosplay! I didn't want to hack up my blonde curly wig so I went for a lighter blonde than I originally wanted but other (better) cosplayers have used this shade of blonde and it looks good so fingers crossed it'll look as good on me! :D

Hermahgawd (Posted 8th July 2013)

I am so STUPID! I went trolling the internet for white trousers, struggled to find any which wouldn't show the knickers and then I remembered I cosplayed Rufus Shinra back at the last Auchinawa, which means I already have white trousers! D:< Rainey you so silly...

So I have belt buckles, patches to make and a white hoodie to buy aswell has possibly boots... Gawd the boots are also stressin me out D:

makeup test (Posted 7th July 2013)

This isn't the wig I'll be using on the day but makeup. I suck at makeup. Seriously....

Whyyyy (Posted 7th July 2013)

Why I do this to myself D':

Jacket bought will need altered quite a bit but it'd have cost me more to make it with fabric so meh.....

Trying to decide on wig aiming for a UK seller cause of the lateness.

Trousers I can get cheap but I'll look in Primark tomorrow.

Straps are climbing gear easy enough to get ahold of even B&Q.

Boots? Boots are evil... EVIL!

This is all..

Also don't let me update when I'm shattered ever again now to the land of nod....