Costume :Lust
Source :Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood
Progress :Planned
Worn At :None

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Basic Design




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To-Do List

Add Ribbon to My GlovesHighPlanned
Take in Skirt and Enlarge SlitHighPlanned
Mess with Make-up and HairLowPlanned

Shopping List

Long Black Skirt£2.69Bought
Long Black Gloves£21.50Bought
Black Boots£3.36Bought
Black Corset£53.74Bought
Violet Contacts£16.79Bought
Red Ribbon£3.00To Buy


Corset (Posted 6th July 2013)

I have found the perfect corset today! Absolutely perfect for Lust. It was a tad pricey, but I will definitely be using this other places as well. It doesn't look too bad with the skirt. :) I am sad that I couldn't get the original one-piece dress that Lust has, but I think this will work pretty well.

A Big Step (Posted 5th July 2013)

Well today I went off in search of a black dress that I could customize. I found that after 5 hours of searching, a dress was not going to show itself. I had an epiphany after looking at my Steam-Punk gear; why not buy a corset and get a long skirt for the bottom part. I found an awesome, cheap, black skirt that I'll just need to make the slit longer, and also boots! Tomorrow I will search for my corset.

Gloves (Posted 4th July 2013)

I have searched far and wide for the long black gloves that Lust wears. Its off season here and sadly I had to settle for a rather expensive pair. I can't complain though, knowing that I will definitely use these gloves in the future.

Orders (Posted 3rd July 2013)

My friend and I finally decided on who we would be cosplaying as. :) It ended up being (my personal favorite) that I would be Lust and my friend would be Greed. I'm big into costuming, but I have a lot to add to my wardrobe in order to create Lust. Today I ordered my prescription contacts (since I'm blind as a bat) and the notorious tattoo. I was actually going to make the tattoo myself but then figured that with such short notice, it would easier to know a good copy would be here when I need it.