Costume :Norman Jayden
Source :Heavy Rain
Progress :Complete
Worn At :AyaCon 2013

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My friend lent me Heavy Rain after AmeCon 2012 which I had been interested in playing for a long time. As I expected I really loved it since I really love story-driven games and plot-twists ( or in this case it's also known as "interactive drama" ).

The game centres around the case of the Origami Killer and the race to identify them and rescue their latest victim, a young boy called Shaun Mars, before the current rainfall reaches levels that are able to drown him in the place he's currently been trapped inside. Throughout the game you jump between playing as 4 different characters – Ethan Mars ( Shaun’s father ), Scott Shelby ( a Private Detective ), Norman Jayden ( an FBI agent ) and Madison Paige. Depending on how you play different characters can die at different points throughout the game though the story just incorporates it into events and keeps going until the conclusion. So along with this and all the various choices you can make during each chapter one person's experience of playing the game will usually be different to another's ( I managed to keep all of my characters alive until the very, VERY end of the game where I just managed to lose Madison at the very last moment – I was so gutted ) >___<

I thought that all of the playable characters were great for different reasons so I’m really not sure which one I could call my favourite... So it was down to a choice of whichever ones I thought I could get away with cosplaying as, which is either Madison or Jayden. I actually would have liked to have cosplayed as Madison since I like strong female characters and leather jackets and her outfit isn’t skimpy, either. But I could see it being hell to get a proper replica of her jacket made since the imagery on it is really detailed and intricate as well as being quite pale and subtle.

Jayden will be fun to cosplay as since I find him to be a very interesting character. He wears a pair of high-tech shades which use holographic technology that allows him to record evidence and information on the murder investigation, redecorate the environment of his office much like you would customise your computer desktop ( I liked the underwater ocean scenery the best ) or even throw a holographic ball against a holographic wall when he’s bored. I also like how he’s very animated and determined when he talks, especially when he’s arguing with his partner Blake who's somewhat difficult to work with. He has a really interesting side-story which is to do with his apparent reliance on a drug called Triptocaine. There are several points in the story where he suddenly starts bleeding from the eyes and nose, gets the shakes and his vision goes strange. There's a little more to the scenario than you would first think and it actually leads to him having what are probably the most intriguing endings to the game. While it's basically an outfit that consists of a grey suit I'm hoping that the ARI glasses, the glove and the addition of blood make-up should make him recognisable to those who are familiar with the game. I might make a mock-up of his FBI identification card and bring along an origami shape as well.


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Good luck with this, look forward to seeing your progress and how you do the gloves. Very clever game and up there as one of my favourite.

by ST212 on Thursday, 27 June, 2013 - 13:57
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Thanks, yes it certainly is a very clever game =)
I have an idea on how to make the glove details, I'll have to see if it actually works out well when I try it.

by Tsuchinoko on Thursday, 27 June, 2013 - 18:12


ARI Comment: " Obtained Wig " (Posted 16th July 2013)

This has to have been the best delivery time ever! It was despatched just 3 hours after I ordered it and arrived at my door literally the next morning. I knew it would be quicker because it wasn't from abroad but I wasn't expecting it to be THAT quick! Thankfully it does fit okay, too ^^

ARI Comment: " Found & Ordered Wig " (Posted 15th July 2013)

I was a little worried about being able to find a suitable wig since short men's style wigs aren't as easy to find as ones for bishie style anime characters. Thankfully I found a seller that actually had several available to choose from. I just hope that all my hair will be able to tuck into it alright, especially at the back. The postage fee and delivery time looks to be really good too since it's from within the country.

ARI Comment: " Obtained ARI & Grey Jacket " (Posted 26th June 2013)

After much searching I finally found a suitable grey suit for £30. And thankfully it doesn't nip in at the waist to make me look more girly which was something that I obviously didn't want. It will need a press-stud removing from the front and then I will have to add 2 buttons to the front and 4 buttons along each sleeve. I might adjust the lapels a little bit as well. I'm so glad that I've now got the suit because it means that I've started making some proper progress on this cosplay. I bought a black tie for £3 as well ( I already have one from before for Mei Ling but her tie was smaller ).

I have been looking for some good half-rimmed shades to use for the ARI for ages now. After constantly looking around up town and finding nothing useful I finally found some decent ones back in April... in Istanbul, Turkey of all places ( and no I didn't make the special trip there just for the purpose of looking for them ) XDDD