Costume :cactuar
Variant :(VIII )
Source :final fantasy
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :London MCM Expo Comic Con May 2014

Costume Photos

arm section assemble


mian body section wip

paper mach in progress

armed and ready

main body section _ prototype

leg seg




Costume Information

I was hoping to create a cactuar cosplay as he appears pretty much until final fantasy 10 where after his appearance seems to change ?(but returns in 13)anyway I keept having dream of me running round expo in a cactuar Coplay i hope to be joined by an updated yuffie


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To-Do List

main bodyHighIn Progress
ARMS X2HighIn Progress
legs X2HighIn Progress
head sectionHighIn Progress
colour / paint HighPlanned
hand nubs X2MediumIn Progress
feet nubs x2MediumPlanned
details : eyes and mouthMediumPlanned
waist section where legs meet main bodyMediumPlanned
vetilation / cooling systemMediumPlanned
save point prop?LowPlanned
(jumbo moustach)LowPlanned
details . head spikesLowPlanned

Shopping List

wire mesh£27.00Bought
cable ties£1.50Bought
green foam sheets£6.40Bought
green material £4.00Bought


over half way i think ... (Posted 16th April 2014)

nearly all the bits are ready to be connected except the waist to leg section as I will need to see how much of me stick out the top half once ive cut out my arm holes etc . talking of which I have now assembled an arm section and will start on the other soon it will be covered in green fabric at some point .

now.... (Posted 23rd March 2014)

ive managed to make a rough top head to put onto the main section and have begun to paper mache it .

all limb segments (Posted 18th March 2014)

all limb segments are now paper mached . im now applying 3rd and 4th layer to the arm segments I still have the main body segments and joints and such to do friend suggested making the arm sections rigid rather than jointed this might be a good idear :D the leg however will need to be otherwise I wont be able to move lololol.

progess update (Posted 8th March 2014)

ive done 1 inside layer and 2 outside layers to : all 4 arm segments and 1 leg segment im gunna ask my friends if they think more layers are needed .

making progeess on paper mache (Posted 16th February 2014)

2 lower arm sections and 1 upper arm section ,1st and second layers applied once these are done I can hopefully figure out the limb joint or I might have to make it rigid.

did a test paper mache section last night (Posted 15th February 2014)

and this morning it dried out nicely but will defiantly need more layers as I suspected , next I will do the head dome and then all the layers on each section and then see if the rabbit tunnels I got will work as joints , and then the section where the legs and the main section meet.

got most of my segments cut out (Posted 1st February 2014)

however im now wondering how im gunna do the feet without making it look to big or misshapen..... any idears ? I gotta walk round in this thing too thinking caps on !

finally started on it :D (Posted 19th January 2014)

so far I have made / cut the tubular main body section and upper arm section from the wire mesh I bought. the metal is sharp :o but light and strong enough for me to put a skin (paper Mache?) on top .

starting point (Posted 1st January 2014)

now I have reference pictures up I was thinking WHERE THE F am I gunna start ! also how will I make it then I found this so random it exsist but thank goodness it dioes :D