Costume :Paramedic Alfred Anderson
Source :Killing Floor
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :AyaCon 2013

Costume Photos

Escape From London

Clearing a Path

Lone Survivor


Defending London


The Paramedic

Syringe Gun

Paramedic Shirt

Reference 1


Costume Information

Cost : £200+

Been wanting to do this for a while. Was looking for a project for Ayacon and thought "Why not?" It is being made from a mix of modified existing items and scratch built kit. Some of which are far tricker to source/make than others. Will hopefully be debuted at Aya 13 and then as part of a larger photoshoot planned for September 2013.


Looking good

by Alias Cosplay on Friday, 23 August, 2013 - 08:43
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I really enjoyed seeing this! it just looks great and I really do love the little touches. That medic gun!

by Lulu Rose on Saturday, 24 August, 2013 - 17:53
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This was brilliant! Love the photos <3

by Frederica la Noir on Monday, 23 September, 2013 - 19:49

To-Do List

Paramedic Shirt + TrousersHighIn Progress
Medic MP5HighPlanned
Paramedic HatMediumIn Progress
Surgical ScissorsMediumIn Progress
First Aid KitMediumIn Progress
Syringe BandolierMediumPlanned
Medical Syringe GunMediumPlanned
Medical MaskLowComplete
Belt PouchesLowPlanned
Bone SawLowPlanned


Costume Error (Posted 21st September 2013)

After seeing the first lot of pictures from Aya I realised I have the drop leg on the wrong leg and the belt kit with accessories in wrong place. That will be rectified on next wearing.

Hat Patch (Posted 14th August 2013)

Alias did a fantastic job fabricating an NHS patch for the hat as they cannot be purchased in shops.

Bone Saw Rig Test Mount (Posted 13th August 2013)

Rig was tested to see how suitable it was. It's not perfect but allows limited mobility and looks ok.

Bone Saw Rig (Posted 13th August 2013)

Bone Saw was mounted onto a dropleg panel using elasticated velcro. Loops for the excess straps were also added. Along with the Surgical Scissoers which are mounted alongside the Bone Saw.

Defibrilator and Medic Bags (Posted 13th August 2013)

Bags were made by EJ Sephyirane. They were packed out to maintain thier shape. They will need a bit of modifying so they sit right.

Belt Medical Items (Posted 13th August 2013)

For the belt kit I sourced some Ace Bandages, modified three Pill Bottles, and some Medical Tape. They were attached to the belt using self adhesive velcro, a loop was wrapped around the belt in several sections. The belt items then had velcro attached. This was so they could be added/repositioned/removed without the belt having to be taken off.

Medical Tape (Posted 12th August 2013)

Was unable to find medical tape in an accurate size, so used masking tape instead.

Latex Gloves (Posted 12th August 2013)

After some searching I was able to buy some white latex gloves. All the ones I use at work are either blue or purple and therefore unsuitable.

Syringe Gun (Posted 12th August 2013)

Finished Medic Syringe Gun by In Your Dreams FX

Bone Saw (Posted 12th August 2013)

Completed Bone Saw by In Your Dreams FX

Paramedic Shirt (Posted 12th August 2013)

Patches for new shirt were salvaged from an old surplus one supplied very kindly by Nekoflamealchemist

Syringes + Holster (Posted 11th August 2013)

Syringe holster made by the very talented Alias.com.

Small Pill Bottles (Posted 8th August 2013)

Sourced some small pill bottles and resprayed caps to correct colour. Will add RX labels shortly.

Stethascope (Posted 8th August 2013)

A standard stethascope was sourced from a medical supplies website. Was given a few coats of matte black paint to match reference material.

Bone Saw WIP (Posted 8th August 2013)

Progress on Bone Saw made by In Your Dreams FX

Paramedic Slides (Posted 25th July 2013)

Sorted a set of paramedic shoulder slide. Was quite tricky but managed it in the end.

Medical Equipment (Posted 8th July 2013)

Two different types of medical/surgical scissors were sourced for use on the dropleg panel.

Paramedic Uniform (Posted 8th July 2013)

Sourced Paramedic shirt and trousers from a medical supplies website. Hat was found on eBay. Fortunatly they colour match.