Costume :Loki
Variant :Commission
Source :The Avengers
Progress :Complete
Worn At :None

Costume Photos

Arm guard template

Arm guards!

Strap armour sculpt

Strap armour template

Chest plate WIP

Finished Trousers and Boot covers

Finished Trousers





Costume Information

Time Taken : 200+ hours

This costume was made for a client in Norway. I managed to get lots of pictures doing the making of it and with the commissioners permission I'm posting up a full making of series. You can read it all over at and I'll be updating it every friday.


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Wow! Amazing Loki costume.

Really love the journal details.

by Sephirayne on Friday, 21 June, 2013 - 23:53
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Looking good! Amazing work as always :D

by Freyarule on Saturday, 22 June, 2013 - 09:22
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Great idea with the zip tops, really enjoying this journal!

by Amy-Lou on Sunday, 23 June, 2013 - 18:33
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Superb! :)

by Ranma1-2 on Sunday, 30 June, 2013 - 00:08
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Great tutorial on the arm guards.

Loving the result.

by Sephirayne on Sunday, 14 July, 2013 - 01:55
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Loving the finish on those arm guards!

by Ninodog on Tuesday, 16 July, 2013 - 20:29


How to make a Loki costume part 9- Arm Guards (Posted 12th July 2013)

Finally updated the tutorial on the arm guards!

This is a detailed breakdown of the sculpting, moulding, casting and then heat forming. Cosplayers on a budget can always make the sculpt out of PVC foamboard like I did and then head mould it in the same way for a similar effect.

Arm guard template (Posted 11th July 2013)

Template I made for my armour- feel free to use for your own projects!

How to make a loki costume part 8- Strap Armour. (Posted 5th July 2013)

All carved from PVC foamboard. More details of construction as well as moulding step by step over here:

Strap armour template (Posted 4th July 2013)

Armour template I made- I took the size from the foam mock up I sent to the commissioner then drew this up after studying references. Larger file over here:

How to make a Loki costume part 7- Chest and wrist armour (Posted 28th June 2013)

Bit wordy but here's a full breakdown of how I cast the first few bits of armour

How to make a Loki costume part 6- Trousers (Posted 21st June 2013)

Sewing order was as follows:

* Sew 1 to 2

* Sew (1+2) to 3

*Sew the strips of leather (6 in total) to knee following pattern and checking the widths are correct.

* Sew 5 to 6 with zip down side

* Sew (5+6) to the mammoth that is (1-9)

* Sew 8 on to the rest of the leg, including zip in one side

* Sew inside leg seam

* Turn 1 leg right side out (v. tricky with the leg scales), place leg inside other leg and sew up crotch seam.

* Add waistband and buttons. Make braces out of thick elastic and sew on dungaree clips.

More info over here:

How to make a Loki costume part 5- Leg scales (Posted 14th June 2013)

Full breakdown of casting over here:

How to make a loki costume part 4- Begin the flaps. (Posted 7th June 2013)

So, this is how you make something beautiful like this. During this project I would sew/add zip tops until my hands hurt too much then go off and sculpt armour until my hands hurt too much in a different way, then swap back. This is a costume to be paced- it’s physically impossible to last minute this!

How to make a Loki costume part 3- Materials (Posted 19th May 2013)

A fair chunk of the work put into this costume has been on gathering the correct materials for the job. Any one else looking to make a loki costume I’ve just made your work a lot easier, here’ s the list of where I sourced everything:

Wig (original seller has shut up shop, here’s a close match though)

Black leather: ( 017 cowhide brazillian leather)

Patterned leather: (Big thanks to Liz for letting me know about this place. Call up and ask for a sample sent to you. They emboss lamb leather so you’ll need about 5 hides)

Green fabric: I dyed noile silk in my washing machine with dylon dyes, all from fabric land. It looks like this

Metal edging: cheapest place I could find was on ebay here Mine were size 10 in the brass. They come in packs of 30, I ordered 65 packs.

Metal chainmail fabric: Tricky one, on close inspection the costume looks like it’s got this stuff on it:

You can order samples and buy from this american company here:

Or you can buy 2 of these on ebay and repaint them like I did:

For armour I’m using silicone moulds and easy flo 120, which I buy here:

Black poppers for boot covers


(bit pricey but they have the perfect toes. Had to be cut down at the front to avoid the trousers bulging)

And that’s about it! If there’s any bits I’ve missed please let me know and I’ll try to track down how I sourced it.

How to make a Loki Costume Part 2- Mock up a pattern (Posted 16th January 2013)

Next step was to mock up a full pattern to be sent over to the commissioner to try on.

I’ve split the costume into 3 parts- trousers, tunic and coat. It’s technically a separate shirt and tunic, but to make it easier to get into I’m making them as one item with a zip up the back. The seam will be hidden by the coat and the hair and it helps keep the number of layers down. This looks like it will be a bit of a sweltering costume, so anything I can do to cool it down the better.

More info over here:

How to make a Loki Costume Part 1- References (Posted 15th January 2013)

First step- gathering all the references! The commissioner was fantastic for this and gave me a big folder that they'd been collecting.
Image dump over here: