Costume :Wonder Red
Source :The Wonderful 101
Progress :Complete
Worn At :Eurogamer Expo 2013

Costume Photos

Wonder Red, Ready For Action!

Leader of the One-Double-O!

Team, Unite Up!

The Crimson Fist; Wonder Red!

Wonder Red @ TW101 Launch Party


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Costume Information

The Wonderful 101 looks so cool, I've decided to get some cosplay going to celebrate its launch in August and will be debuting the costume at the launch party (details on that here: https://www.facebook.com/events/270072456467370/).

I'll also be wearing the costume to Eurogamer 2013.

Wonder-Eyes, Red!


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Me and my partner are really looking forward to the Wonderful 101 ^_^. Fantastic work on the costume :)

by Kuchiito on Tuesday, 20 August, 2013 - 22:40

To-Do List

Create headset from EVA Foam layers according to blueprintHighComplete
Style hair.HighComplete
Draw out plans for foam based sections (Headset, chest plate and glove layers)MediumComplete
Create forearm sectionsMediumComplete
Create full body suit from diving and morph suits.MediumComplete
Customize maskMediumComplete
Order boots.LowComplete
Customize boots if need be.LowComplete

Shopping List

Black diving suit£0.00Bought
Red spandex morph suit£16.00Bought
Men's Blonde wig£12.00Bought
Worbla sheets£16.00Bought
EVA Foam sheets£12.00Bought
Fabric for cape£4.00Bought
Base boots/shoes for modding£35.00Bought
Gloves/arm wraps for modding£15.00Bought
Material for modding gloves£0.00Bought


Progress 74 (Posted 23rd August 2013)

I was originally going to go the way of the wig, but due to various constraints and mess ups that plan has fallen to the wayside.

Given I've only a day or two, I've called in to action an emergency plan! Something my hair stylist was always reiterating throughout this costume's progress was how right my hair line/length/shape was for Wonder Red's style. So I've done the unthinkable and dyed my hair yellow.

This is just to show the colour. I've done a test styling already (before dyeing my hair) and I can safely say it works.

Progress 73 (Posted 23rd August 2013)

To finish the mask, I've added some very light netting on the eye sockets, to give the white effect covering the eyes. I tested a few difference materials and this one was the best for visibility.

Progress 75 (Posted 23rd August 2013)

Here's how the finished mask and headset are looking together. It'll look even better once the hair's in place, plus I think it's worth noting the final costume will have me cleanly shaven.

Progress 72 (Posted 22nd August 2013)

Here's a wider shot to show the length. It goes all the way down to my legs and waves around when I move. It's super cool! :'D

Progress 71 (Posted 22nd August 2013)

For the cape, I cut out some red velvet chaffer and folded one end over until it was small enough to fit through the slit I cut in the jacket arm. I then sewed it on from the inside. Here's how it looks close up.

Progress 70 (Posted 21st August 2013)

And here it is. The headset is easily the most shoddily done part of the costume, due to the time I've allowed myself to complete it in, but it'll do for now. After the W101 launch party and before Eurogamer, I'll most likely want to redo this.

Progress 69 (Posted 21st August 2013)

After the paint's dried, I carve out a small divet on the inside of the foam that fits the side of the headset and glue it in. It's very shoddy looking, but this side will be out of view.

Progress 68 (Posted 21st August 2013)

Once it's all painted, I gloss it over with my PVA glue/water mixture and stick the various parts together. Here's how it looks from the outside.

Progress 67 (Posted 21st August 2013)

Once they're all cut out and shaped correctly, I spray colour the individual pieces of foam.

Progress 66 (Posted 21st August 2013)

I've marked and cut out various bits of foam that I'm layering up.

Progress 65 (Posted 21st August 2013)

I need to make the headset. It consists of various layers and after much thought and consideration, I've opted to modify an old headset instead of make one from scratch. Reason being that I now only have two days to work on the costume before its debut.

Progress 64 (Posted 20th August 2013)

Seeing as the spray paint I used to colour the mask (PlastiKote) causes irritation on the skin (trust me, even just checking the mask for a few minutes started aching), I'm going over it with a few layers of gloss, consisting of a PVA glue and water mix. This also gives the mask a new matte-like finish, which I really like!

Progress 63 (Posted 20th August 2013)

A few touch ups later and here's the logo piece attached to the back. I've still a few minor adjustments to make to it before it's finished.

Progress 62 (Posted 20th August 2013)

Here's the logo piece after it's all been spray painted and the tape has been removed. As you can tell, the leather is a little scuffed and worn in some areas. I could have gone with a different piece of fabric, but I like battle scars I guess!

Progress 61 (Posted 20th August 2013)

Here's the logo piece, before I spray colour it. I've covered the sections I want to remain black in masking tape.

Progress 60 (Posted 20th August 2013)

To do the big W100 logo on the back of the jacket, I'm cutting the shape out of leather and attaching it to the back. Here I'm marking out the shape of the logo on the leather.

Progress 59 (Posted 20th August 2013)

Here's how the chest plate looks when attached to the body suit. It looks even better when the suit's being worn and is filled out.

Progress 58 (Posted 20th August 2013)

To attach the chest plate to the body suit, I've opted to use velcro strips. A few of them at different angles will reinforce it and this I can still remove it to wash the body suit.

Progress 57 (Posted 20th August 2013)

Welp. After spraying the white colour on, I touched it up a bit with paint by hand/brush and it really shows. It's far from perfect, but it'll have to do for now. I might have another stab at it later, but for now the front of the chest plate is done. Next is to fix it to the body suit.

Progress 56 (Posted 20th August 2013)

To colour the front logo on, I'm first doing paper templates to gauge the right size before I make a stencil.

Progress 55 (Posted 20th August 2013)

After the paint is dry and the tape is removed, we're left with a nice clean paint job.

Progress 54 (Posted 20th August 2013)

Black colour goes on, but only on the part not covered in tape.

Progress 53 (Posted 19th August 2013)

Once everything has been covered and coloured with the base colour, I cover the rest in masking tape so I can apply the next layer of paint to just the front section.

Progress 52 (Posted 19th August 2013)

Time to finish the chest plate. I'm wrapping the foam piece in worbla.

Progress 51 (Posted 18th August 2013)

Having finished the jacket, I try it on with the nearly finished arms/gloves. My goodness does it feel epic wearing this! Even without the full costume, with the 'Kick Ass' soundtrack playing in the background I feel like a proper home made hero wearing it! :D

Less than a week to go until the launch party, I'm so glad to see it all coming together.

Progress 50 (Posted 18th August 2013)

Sticking the jacket decorations on.

Progress 49 (Posted 18th August 2013)

When they're all done, here's how the various jacket decorations look.

Progress 48 (Posted 18th August 2013)

After colouring the jacket decorations, they need a second layer of black paint in the middle, so I cover the other sections with masking tape before spraying to get the shape I need.

Progress 47 (Posted 18th August 2013)

Spray colouring everything.

Progress 46 (Posted 17th August 2013)

Cutting out various little bits that decorate the jacket from foam.

Progress 45 (Posted 17th August 2013)

Smoothing out the rough spots on the mask with the help of a heat gun.

Progress 44 (Posted 14th August 2013)

With (almost) all of the various parts stuck together for the arm pads, here's how they're looking from both the front and back. They stick on to the forearm via some carefully placed velcro strips on the underside and tighten at the wrist for stability via some velcro strips hidden on the inside of the bangles.

Progress 43 (Posted 14th August 2013)

With (almost) all of the details done, I'm now sticking together the sections that make up the arm pads.

Progress 42 (Posted 14th August 2013)

Sticking the wrist bangles on to the end of the arm pads.

Progress 41 (Posted 14th August 2013)

Sticking on the coloured sections on the arm pads.

Progress 40 (Posted 14th August 2013)

The wing details that go on to the arm pads have been sprayed. Now I need to add the black details before sticking on to the arm pads.

Progress 39 (Posted 13th August 2013)

The double collar on the jacket. Not the best angle to show it off but this looks seriously cool!

Progress 38 (Posted 13th August 2013)

Sewing everything together.

Progress 37 (Posted 13th August 2013)

Trying on the various parts to make sure they fit.

Progress 36 (Posted 13th August 2013)

Here's one of the arms, turned inside out for stitching on.

Progress 35 (Posted 13th August 2013)

Crafting on the jacket has begun. Finding the right size bolero is a great big pain so I've opted to make one from scratch using PVC leather. I ordered a traditional bolero pattern and used it to cut out my various sections.

Progress 34 (Posted 12th August 2013)

My wig has arrived. As you can probably tell, there's much customising to be done to it before it's ready.

Progress 33 (Posted 12th August 2013)

I use a stanley knife to cut out all the sections from canvas. Shout out to "BOB", whoever he may be. It's not like I borrowed this knife without permission from work or anything...

Progress 32 (Posted 12th August 2013)

The cut out template for more of the arm pad details. I measure and draw it all out on paper first, before cutting it out and using it as a template over my canvas card.

Progress 31 (Posted 12th August 2013)

Sticking on the various coloured sections on the forearm section parts.

Progress 30 (Posted 11th August 2013)

All done. The spray takes about 30 minutes to dry.

Progress 29 (Posted 11th August 2013)

Spray colouring the foam parts that will make one of the layers of the forearm.

Progress 28 (Posted 5th August 2013)

Wrist bangles covered. They don't look very neat but the inside bits will be hidden when they're worn. I need to attach velcro strips on the inside as well to keep them together.

Progress 27 (Posted 5th August 2013)

Hot glueing the wrist sections together and covering in PVC.

Progress 26 (Posted 5th August 2013)

Wrist hoops all being cut out.

Progress 25 (Posted 2nd August 2013)

Here are my boots I'll be wearing. They're a little short but have the look down just right!

Progress 24 (Posted 30th July 2013)

With the mid section cut out, here's how the full body suit is looking. I've also removed the feet and hands and sewn the two suits in to place at those points. Still some modifications to be done.

Progress 23 (Posted 30th July 2013)

Cutting the mid section from the inside. There will be a few centimetres of excess fabric, so the plan is to go over them with fabric tape.

Progress 22 (Posted 30th July 2013)

To cut out the mid section of the body suit, I've laid it flat over an ironing board.

Progress 21 (Posted 24th July 2013)

The body section, which is a red morph suit over a black diving suit. Here you can see the central section being marked for cutting out.

Progress 20 (Posted 18th July 2013)

The chest plate put together with foam. It's still flat on the back and will need to be moulded to better fit my chest where it will sit.

Progress 19 (Posted 18th July 2013)

Measuring and cutting out layers of EVA foam to put together the chest plate.

Progress 18 (Posted 15th July 2013)

Three rings that go around the wrist between the two sections.

Progress 17 (Posted 15th July 2013)

Canvas cutout blueprints for the arm section. There are three layers to the arm all in all.

Progress 16 (Posted 14th July 2013)

Here's how the gloves look with all the red bits attached to them. They need a little tidying up, some glue is seeping out the sides. Good thing I have the gloves on here, I had many little accidents involving hot glue and my fingers whilst making them!

Next up is to create the arm section that attaches to the gloves.

Progress 15 (Posted 14th July 2013)

Glueing the red sections to the glove.

Progress 14 (Posted 14th July 2013)

In the end I opted for having raised sections of the fabric on the glove instead, as it doesn't restrict the glove's fabric from stretching as much while maintaining the right look. Here you can see the fabric/foam sections I'm preparing to be stuck on to the glove.

Also note how I've stuffed the glove for hot glueing. It's impossible to glue with the glove on your hand after all, not to mention dangerous!

Progress 13 (Posted 14th July 2013)

Here's my (rather horrid) hands sticking down the fabric to the foam.

Progress 12 (Posted 14th July 2013)

Here's the foam cut in to the shapes of a few sections going on the glove. This isn't final, it was meant more as a preview for me of how it'd look and feel on the glove.

Progress 11 (Posted 14th July 2013)

I'm experimenting with the foam and I've got some sections on the gloves that I'm going to try in a variety of ways. Here I'm making out the section on my fabric for wrapping around the foam.

Progress 10 (Posted 14th July 2013)

I got my hands on a load of EVA foam. This is the first time I'm working with it, but I quite like how easy it is to work with.

Progress 9 (Posted 13th July 2013)

Next thing to work on is the gauntlets. I'm going to split them in to two parts; gloves and arm covers, for ease of putting on/taking off. The gloves I'll be using as a base are part leather and part spandex. I chose these seeing as they're stretchy.

Progress 8 (Posted 13th July 2013)

First attempt at Worbla done! Some rough spots that I'll need to do over, but I'm going to leave it to one side for now.

Progress 7 (Posted 13th July 2013)

Moulding the Worbla to the mask's shape.

Progress 6 (Posted 13th July 2013)

I really love how Worbla is completely moudable again once you reheat it.

Progress 5 (Posted 13th July 2013)

Cutting out some worbla to go on the mask.

Progress 4 (Posted 13th July 2013)

I added 2 more pieces on and applied some liquitex modelling paste to smooth the edges where the pieces meet. This will require some sanding.

Progress 3 (Posted 13th July 2013)

The pieces I stuck on to the mask wound up being even bigger!

Progress 2 (Posted 11th July 2013)

Some canvas pieces I've cut out as a test to see how well they fit/bend to the shape of the mask. Also how well they measure up on my face. The mask is quite big, cartoonish-ly so, so I'll have to make sure I nail the look.

Progress 1 (Posted 11th July 2013)

I have a mask from an old project (non-cosplay related) that I'll be using for this. As you can probably tell, it's too small and not quite the right shape. To correct it, I'll be adding pieces of canvas to the sides and going over with Worbla before priming, painting and glossing!