Costume :Ruby Rose
Source :RWBY
Progress :Complete
Worn At :ONECon 2013

Costume Photos

Photography by Geordie Gent

Photography by Geordie Gent Photography

see journal for info


Costume Information

Well if you guys follow my facebook page you'll know I've had this half done since the Ruby trailer, I had put it off as I'm not attending any cons or expo's until Kita next year but I have a private shoot booked with her soon! Looking forward to it! So excited~

She's red and badass, what do you expect?
Private shoot - 14th August.(CANCELLED DUE TO BROKEN FOOT, moved forward to -?- )
ONECon 2013 - August 24th
Kitacon - 2014


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Love it. Its super duper pretty! Awesome :D

by otakugirl on Friday, 21 February, 2014 - 00:23
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I'm completely in love with this <3

The Silhouette is perfect and the cape hangs really nicely on you, i can wait to the the photo-shoot pics! x

by HelloKitty on Sunday, 23 February, 2014 - 21:10


... (Posted 20th February 2014)

I realized I never really posted a full shot of this yet. I'm not wearing the belt here because the new bullet's I ordered haven't been painted silver yet. But yea. I might do a makeup test for Ruby in the future if I have the chance before Kitacon!

Wiggu! (Posted 19th December 2013)

I gradient dyed the roots black into dark red into red so it all looks nice, my camera doesn't quite pick it up

CaPE (Posted 27th July 2013)

If I get time before the shoot next month I'll line it with velvet.

I'ts pretty breathable and comfy actually (Posted 27th July 2013)

doo dee doo

corset (Posted 27th July 2013)

made a new one with new velvet and leather yum :3

what if I was good at posting WIP photos hurr durr (Posted 27th July 2013)

12 metres of ruffles later...

redone my cape! (Posted 27th July 2013)

:D much longer and fancier now!

Putting up progress I forgot! (Posted 26th July 2013)

It must have been because I was putting it up on facebook and forgot to put it here!!

Got some of her accessories laser cut and painted :D