Costume :Deadshot
Source :Batman Arkhamverse
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :None

Costume Photos

Eyepiece WIP 01

Eyepiece Base

Arkham Origins - Ref 02

Arkham Origins - Ref 01

Arkham City - Ref 03

Arkham City - Ref 02

Arkham City - Ref 01


Costume Information

I've wanted to do Deadshot since he first turned up in Arrow. I fancied doing him, but at first I couldn't find a version I liked, or could do.

After a bit, I gave up on him, but then I found the Arkham City figure in Forbidden Planet.
I could do with a few more "easy assemble" costumes on my list, and I get to play with building replica firearms, so Deadshot is a Win-Win for me :D

Edit 9/2/14 - Over this last week I've seen the Arkham Origins version of Deadshot, and I kinda like this version too. It will certainly be a useful one for a winter event :P


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