Costume :Eiri Yuki
Variant :Casual - Purple Shirt
Source :Gravitation
Progress :Complete
Worn At :None

Costume Photos


Purple Shirt Ref

Eiri 1

Anime Ending Reference

Anime Reference

Anime Reference


Costume Information

Cost : £9.00
Time Taken : 2 Hours


I borrowed a black shirt off someone before I got my purple and blue shirts, when I wore this black shirt is also included in this cosplay entry.

28/11/2008 (Private Photoshoot @ London)- With Steph (Shuichi) and Alex (Ryuichi)
03/12/2008 (Preview & Webcam Session)- With Steph (Shuichi)
06/12/2008 (Private Photoshoot @ London)- With Steph (Shuichi)
25/12/2008 (Preview Costest/Webcam Session)- With Steph (Shuichi)
28/12/2008 (Private Photoshoot)- With Steph (Shuichi)


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To-Do List

Bleach My Hair BlondeHighComplete

Shopping List

Superdrug B Blonde Powder Bleach£3.99Bought
Sally Beauty Salon Services Creme Peroxide£4.99Bought
Black Shirt (borrowed)£0.00Bought
Black Jeans (given)£0.00Bought


Wore it out~ (Posted 29th December 2008)

I couldn't help myself!

Christmas Gift~ (Posted 26th December 2008)

Got a purple shirt (and blue one) as a Christmas gift~

Glasses (Posted 6th December 2008)

Borrowed my dad's glasses for a quick snapshot on webcam!

Bleach Progress (Posted 4th December 2008)


Preview (Posted 3rd December 2008)

Got my hair paler after a third bleaching session~

Preview (Posted 3rd December 2008)

Testing out stuff~

Hair Progress (Posted 26th November 2008)

After second bleaching session! (I know not much can be seen here but the second session tinted my hair lighter and made the reddish-pink/peach sections look more of a paler orange colour!)

Hair Progress (Posted 25th November 2008)

After first bleaching session.

Hair Progress (Posted 25th November 2008)

Process of bleaching my hair blonde!