Costume :Various
Variant :Old/Closet
Source :Various
Progress :Complete
Worn At :Auchinawa 2006

Costume Photos

Rocket Grunt

Cyborg Noodle


Shiki (found a Pic!)

Lightning Lass

Cosplay Scotland August 2006

Kero 2006

Minx 2006

Mytho 1

Mytho 2


Costume Information

Cost : Idk, but none of these costumes cost over £20 to make including wigs per cosplay. Often they were £5 or free. lol.

Old and Closet costumes I don't really have photos of:

*Team Rocket Grunt - Pokemon - Dee-con 2012

Version 1: To go with Raine who is doing a Fire Red/Leaf Green grunt and Zomboi who we've basically forced into being Giovanni. Come say hi if you see us at the Blood/Sugar Cosplay table and buy our wares! :)

I have no photos of me wearing this costume and as it no-longer fits, I will need to remake it.

* Cyborg Noodle - Gorillaz - London MCM Expo October 2010 & Auchinawa 2010:

Due to ill health I was unable to complete my Stylo/Melancholy Hill Cyborg Noodle jacket, so I decided to do one of the simpler alternatives in the meantime. Again, even if I had finished it in time, I really don't feel up to all the hastle associated with wearing it and carting about the weaponry, etc. Again, I have pretty much everything to do it so it's not a big deal to switch seeing as it's the same wig, boots (well give or take the colour, but I don't have the time or the money to get a new pair and, tbh, who really cares), belt and a pair of gloves (they're not long enough, but neither are my arms, and anyway, who actually cares?) and is probbaly more comfy anyway. I can finish the other version when I feel more able to.

EDIT: Got talked into doing a different version which involved legs and borrowed miiol's shorts as I hadn't brought mine and last minute made the dog tags.

*Blink - X-men/Marvel - for a friends' Superheroes birthday night out - 2010 (I think, lol)

I had forgotten I cosplayed Blink to a mate's superhero themed birthday party whilst I was at uni. I don't have any photos, but I found the bodysuit whilst I was tidying and it reminded me I had done this. I will deffo remake it properly at some point. :)

* Mytho/Princess Tutu - Minamicon 16 - 2010

Pantsless Prince:

Especially for sinxsational. *winks*

Well, I'm gonna have the wig anyway. Might as well. Just need to nick an old shirt off my dad or brother and we're all set.

Oh, and probably getting ahold of a white tank-top and shorts might be a plan, cos otherwise it's a bit too nakey. lol.

Practice Outfit:

I have the shoes from the Prince Seigfried outfit, the t-shirt from another costume and leggings/socks in my wardrobe anyway. Due to not getting my Prince outfit done in time, I'll wear this in the meantime. I'd rather postpone it and do it right than rush it and get it wrong.

* London MCM Expo, possibly October 2010 (I genuinely can't remember and forgot I did this until I found the remains of the costume in my room). See ref image for description.

* Cosplay Scotland 2006-2009

- Keroberos - Cardcaptor Sakura/Cardcaptors
- Lightning Lass/Spark/Light Lass - DC Legion of Superheroes

* Minx/Stingers - Jem & The Holgrams - Auchinawa 2006


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