Costume :Various
Variant :Old/Closet
Source :Various
Progress :Complete
Worn At :Auchinawa 2006

Costume Photos

Shiki (found a Pic!)


Lightning Lass

Cosplay Scotland August 2006

Kero 2006


Minx 2006


Mytho 1

Mytho 2


Costume Information

Old & Closet costumes I don't really have photos of:

* Mytho/Princess Tutu - Minamicon 16 - 2010

Pantsless Prince:

Especially for sinxsational. *winks*

Well, I'm gonna have the wig anyway. Might as well. Just need to nick an old shirt off my dad or brother and we're all set.

Oh, and probably getting ahold of a white tank-top and shorts might be a plan, cos otherwise it's a bit too nakey. lol.

Practice Outfit:

I have the shoes from the Prince Seigfried outfit, the t-shirt from another costume and leggings/socks in my wardrobe anyway. Due to not getting my Prince outfit done in time, I'll wear this in the meantime. I'd rather postpone it and do it right than rush it and get it wrong.

* London MCM Expo, possibly October 2010 (I genuinely can't remember and forgot I did this until I found the remains of the costume in my room). See ref image for description.

* Cosplay Scotland 2006-2009

- Keroberos - Cardcaptor Sakura/Cardcaptors
- Lightning Lass/Spark/Light Lass - DC Legion of Superheroes

* Minx/Stingers - Jem & The Holgrams - Auchinawa 2006


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