Costume :Deadpool
Variant :Marvel Now!
Source :Marvel Comics: Deadpool
Progress :In Progress
Worn At :Midlands MCM Expo 2013

Costume Photos

Joker, Harley and Riddler vs Deadpool

Joker kicking Deadpool


Costume Information

Cost : £120
Time Taken : 50 hours

The costume is custom-made, and based on Marvel Now!'s version of Deadpool which so far has been my favourite costume.
Instead of the usual morphsuit most Deadpool cosplayers wear, mine is made up of multiple parts: A seperate mask, top [Compression shirt], trousers [Skinny Jeans], Gloves [Cut from old morphsuit], boots [WiP], Bracers, Belt with pouches, and all the weaponry.

I've been constantly working on it since before Midlands MCM 2013, there's always something new to do on it or something to improve. Currently I'm in the proces of making new boots and a mask that'll fit better.


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To-Do List

New Boots + ShinguardsHighIn Progress
Gun HolstersHighPlanned
Fix BracersMediumPlanned
Knife ScabbardLowPlanned
Leg PouchesLowPlanned
Replace SwordsLowPlanned